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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jase2472, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. i am ex reg in the TA is there a sniper course that i can do, i am non infantry!!
    waiting open armed for the anti-stab abuse! :eek:
  2. Woo go STABS!
  3. Hi

    The only course you might be able to do is the L96 Sharpshooter Course, but i have only known Infantry getting on this course.

    There is no TA Sniper Course as such, the only way you would be able to do the Sniper course would be to go FTRS then try to get the unit to bid yfor the Sniper course but i really cant see that happening.

    hope this helps :D
  4. cheers davie thats great thanks buddy
  5. no probs
  6. I'm no expert but my understanding is that it's p[retty impossible. Not many sniper instructors in the TA, difficult to find soldiers skilled enough to pass the course and Reg/TA animosity of the usual "they can't possibly keep the skills up on a weeken a fortnight". But with the increasing access to reg courses you might be in with an outside chance. You'd be better off applying for that course from a unit with a role that has a justification for the expensive sniper training (STA, Inf, Armd Recce or SF off the top of my head).

    Your best bet is to get hold of some pictures of your PSI snorting cocaine off a ladyboys cokk and use it as leverage to get on the Reg course.
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  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    find a parent or sponsor regular unit who are holding a sniper cadre and see if yoy can get a space on that. If it is run by people with the correctr quals, and you meet the standards you can get qualified.

    That said, most TA units are losing the scaling for L96, and so you will hold a qualification for a weapon system you cannot use. Is it worth it?
  8. Go RMR. They do in-house sniper cadre and are NOT losing their scaling.
  9. that happened to my last unit :evil: we had an excellent sniper platoon with excellent regular Sniper Instructor PSI's.
    we were doing all the old style Badge Test's either Pass/Fail not the new % method, and were regularly passing them.

    we did think about running a badge test cadre getting other regiment sniper instructors to test us but the L96's were pulled before we got the chance!!

    the whole sniper platoon and PSI's put a lot of Money and Effort into getting a Sniper platoon off the ground (we were regulary praised by our CO and visiting Brigade/Division Officer on the quality of training and troops we had) only to have it pulled out from under us :evil: :twisted: :evil:

    one of the reasons i transferred out of the INF :cry:
  10. 7 Scots/51 Highland Regiment had until this year a T.A Sniper platoon. So I'm assuming that their must be a T.A Sniper course. Although the role has now been taken away as the T.A Infantry is not expected to deploy as a Battalion group and would not require Snipers, and is now concentrating on supplying Composite Roulement companies....
  11. Is this still running? Have been told that has been pulled too :(
  12. It is not possible to do the sniper course (unless as the duke said you can get on a regular INF batallions course) as it is not possible to get up to standard to pass all badge tests in 2 weeks.

    Some TA infantry units (as mentioned above) have had sniper platoons but these were not actually trained as snipers they where sharpshooters. The training team at brecon decided a few years ago a sharpshooter is a completely different role to a sniper in terms of deployment. (previously a sharp shooter was a second rate sniper) This is little known due to commanders ignorance and trained sharpshooters fancying themselves as snipers. I can't be bothered to type up the differences for the benefit of all the walts to read. If anyone really wishes to know PM me and if im really bored I'll explain it.

    It is not a requirement to pass all the badge tests to be a sharpshooter but you must pass the badge tests for; Shooting, Observation, Judging distance. The subjects not included are; Sniper Knowledge, Stalking, Concealment, Map Reading. This is because of the difference in role.

    The course that was run at Brecon Spec Weapons Div for TA infantry to become sharpshooters was previously being considered by sniper wing to be changed into an instructors course for PSIs to attend then run internal cadres at their batallions.

    Due to the role there is certainly no requirement for snipers outside of the infantry, I must ask why you want to do the course? Just to walt it up?

    Does anybody know the date of the latest ammendment for Pam. 4? Mine is 1996 and I am guessing this is very out of date.
  13. WW think the coke snorting pic is the best option, Cheers chaps anyway
  14. hia

    I'm a regular but REME, anybody any ideas on how i could get myself on a course. (without having to blow anyone :( )