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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Snips, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. Can someone tell me why a woman is not allowed on a sniper course (TA)? :mad:
  2. So you're not actually a Sniper then?  After all the hype about your shooting prowess.  Maybe you ought to front up properly and rename yourself as 'Quite Good with Fig 11's_Bird' :-[.

    Isn't the answer to your question quite obvious.  Women in the Army don't do combat roles, no matter how many times they let them attempt the Commando course.  Unless your looking for a new role as a sniper behind friendly lines, perhaps doing a bit of part time filing!
  3. Oh stop being so chauvenistic!
    I don't doubt my shooting skills for one second and would love to be given the chance to do this course just to prove to little tw@ts like you that we women are as good as, if not better shots than you blokes!
  4. Sniping isn't all about shooting static targets (that don't return fire) on a sunny range in Aldershot.  There are a few more skills required, like stalking etc. Maturity would also be a boon to anyones chances of obtaining a course.
  5. Well the Septics only had their first woman (officialy) pass her sniper course last year SB

    "Frankly, women are better suited mentally for this job than most men,"

    "Women can shoot better, by and large, and they're easier to train because they don't have the inflated egos that a lot of men bring to these programs," Dolan said. "Women will ask for help if they need it, and they will tell you what they think." Sgt. 1st Class Ben Dolan, a former Marine sniper and the school's chief instructor has designed the countersniper program for Air National Guard security people, and he has no reservations about training women who can handle the 15-hour days of running and shooting and camouflage lessons in the woods.

    Boom-There it is....... queue SB with Jerry Springer type finger waving -lol

    Of course, the Israeli Defence Force and the Russians, Chinese, Koreans etc, all train women to slot from long distances.

    So why exactly aren't women allowed on the Sniper course?

    I guess it's just we're afraid of what will happen to them, if the other side catch them, people hate snipers.

    Just found a website, where one of the Russian WW2 females, appears to have slotted a battalion on her lonesome....

    Fcuking hell, errrrrr PMT you say?
  6. SB If we do our bodily parts swap you should be able to convince them to let you be a sniper.
  7. Oh yeah - I forgot about that Shad.
    Here we go again, turning the conversation to bodily parts and sex!!
  8. ............not actually a sniper then SF.....why the name?  Is this a case of confusing ones ambition's........with one's ability????
  9. there there brave little soldier
  10. ............try taking your S10 off and saying that again love...........I didn't quite catch that!
  11. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Right people this thread is officially closed.

    I'm sorry but when things just descend into personal abuse then we have to step in.  A number of people have overstepped the mark so its endex.

    Ohh and please don't continue on another thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.