sniper course in the RA?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cdt_l/cpl, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi, i am going for RA and i was wondering if it is possible to do a sniper course while serving in the Artillery? and if u can and pass the course would you be able to get much use out of it on operations?
  2. what do you think!!!
  3. Are you seeing how many bone posts you can start within the shortest possible time?
  4. Only as a 5-mile sniper.
  5. no im not seeing how many bone posts i can start in the shortest possible time, and there was no point in asking me what do i think cause if i knew i wouldnt be asking the question. :x
  6. Aren't you the same "bloke" who asked if he could do the AACC from the R. Anglians ..... if you just want lots of badges and the potential to wear a funny hat, joing the fucking scouts.

    If you want to be mocked by the rest of the army, including the AGC and drowned in bullshit, then the artillery is probably the mob for you :)
  7. dont get funny, i was only asking a question.
  8. AND the same bloke that asked if you could take your own body armour on Ops!
  9. Dear oh dear..... lol
  10. You wont be allowed to do the sniper course with the RA. You could get some sniping in with one of the specialist units in the RA, but you would have to be good enough to volunteer and then good enough to pass the selection and then be lucky enough to be trained.

    Snipers are really only found in the Inf, RM and RAF Regt. You could get some sniping in with the RE or RLC, but only in EOD roles so not steally eyed dealer of death type stuff.

    If you are confused as to what you want to be, just say so and ask a batch of questions in a oner. Not dribble out questions or people will think you are a throbber.
  11. Must have changed since I was in then, because I was down to do it but got sent to MCTC for a little holiday instead 8O :twisted:
  12. Did you get your bike licence whislt there?
  13. :D Think you're confusing MCTC (Colly) with the Motorcycle Display Team (MDT) or have I just wah'd :oops:
  14. Some Gunners have done the snipers course (talking about the early 90s) when spare places came up at the School of Inf. It was felt at the time that it was a good way of getting some good infantry skills into the Gunners who were doing lots of infantry role tours (UN and NI).

    There is certainly no scaling for snipers within an Arty regiment (normal roles), though there may be a good reason for the Special OP Bty. Apart from honing observation and cam+concealment skills, why would they need a sniper? The FOO parties are supposed to observe and direct Arty fire, not try and kill individuals. If the Guns need protection from enemy snipers then they should either move position, build a defensive position that is immune from small arms fire or ask Brigade or their supported BG for some sniper assets from the infantry (snipers are increasingly seen as a Brigade asset when used correctly).

    So a Gunner on a snipers course? No money for it, and very few reasons. If you are really keen then if you join the Gunners, join the OPs and get some rank. Get on really well with the infantry guys you support on the ground and when their battalion holds an internal snipers concentration/skills camp you may be allowed to attend or send a couple of blokes for a week or so for the relevant bits. No point you using the L96 though.

    Chances are though that you will be too busy preparing for the next op tour or fixing your vehicle or attending a gay and lesbian disabled awareness course.

    And Recce19: Being sent to MCTC (Colly) is also known as being sent on a Motor Cycle Training Course.
  15. :oops: :oops: Must be after my time, I have honestly never heard that one. When I was there (early '80s), it was still Nissan (sp?) huts 8O

    I'm now going to stand in the corner for being so stupid :D