Sniper Cadre

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BigChris78, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. I may have the opportunity to go on the next course after xmas, anybody have any ideas what the course entails.
    Prob changed a lot since 1998.
  2. Probably an element of shooting at things from range, hiding from the enemy etc..

    I only really clicked this thread because I thought it said 'Sniper Cake', sorry.
  3. Sniper cadre?

    Are you sure? Five week Reg thingy - or is it just the Sharpshooter course?
  4. have been told that 20 snipers are being trained up for "Various Duties" and my name came up as one of the more mature minded non-nco's. Am supposed to be having a proper brief next tuesday hopefully. Just wanted to know if anyone knew how long the course was? and what it entailed.
    And thanks Dr Chris now i want cake lol
  5. Sorry to urinate on your Pommes Frites but this sounds like a sharpshooter course, not the full-on Sniper .

    I assume you are Infantry?
  6. Isn't the TA one two weeks?
  7. Sniper course doesnt exist for TA bods im pretty sure.
  8. One thing's for sure, there's the courses for you if you mobilise.
  9. Don't you have to go FTRS to do the full sniper course?
  10. yeah im infantry, guess ill have to find out next week. thanks anyway.
  11. Maybe it was some sort of marksman course with the L96 then, but it was using the L96.
  12. Pal of mine did the 5-weeker some years ago, I think its just a matter of being able to commit the time ( and the small matter of the places being available, snipers being ( rightly ) back in fashion.

    Wanna do a course that'd be of use in theatre? Mortar Fire Controller.
  13. Did snipers ever go out of fashion?
  14. Theres just been a selection weekend for a sniper cadre for 4YORKS this weekend.
    I was doing a CCRF w/e, but I know a couple of the lads that went for it and the only thing I know is that you have to hit 19 out of 24 targets at 600m.

    Edit : It could well have been sharpshooters course selection, but the posters had "4Yorks Sniper Platoon selection" and everyone reffered to it as that, too. So, sorry for effectively saying your guess is a good as mine, but thats all i know.
  15. you my find this interesting... linky