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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stretch1980, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. hi im new here i was wondering i saw a bloke in 2s today with the sniper qual on his lower right sleeve im sure its worn on the left?

    and appologies if this is in the wrong section
  2. Maybe it was the marksman qual and not the sniper qual?
  3. no definately a sniper badge it had the s with it,
    was he walting it?
  4. was i right in thinking it was supposed to be on the left sleeve?
  5. According to this site:

    It's worn on the left:

    An Army sniper is awarded the coveted sniper qualification badge, crossed rifles with the letter ‘S’ on the left arm of the dress uniform. A RM sniper has the same badge and the Platoon Weapons 3 (PW3) qualification. The ultimate difference between the courses is the RM allow one attempt, the Army two successful stalks out of three in the final test.
  6. many thanks i think he was walting it then he was from a cadet unit i visited
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Its also possible that he didn't check on arrse before getting out his needle and thread..

    I have to be honest, I've got blinkin' years in and my collection of badges confuse me and for my gongs, no idea which order they are hanging in, but I trust the Gary at G&H got it right.
  8. You're aware that that site is a science-fiction role-playing one?
  9. It also talks about the 22nd century. Did I wind my clock too far forward?
  10. Not quite the info you were asking for, but the RAF marksman badge was worn on the lower right sleeve when I had one.

    Having transferred from the Army to the RAF, I was amazed at the different standards required in shooting. In 7+ years of the Shoot to Kill classification shoots on 100m to 600m ranges with the Army, I had only qualified as even a competent shot using the SLR on two occasions.

    On transfer to the RAF, I fired the SLR once on the 30m range at Swinderby and was promptly awarded the marksman badge for it, being complemented on what a good shot I was! :oops:

    To my credit, I was too embarrassed to actually wear it after the passing out parade, as I knew what my SLR accuracy was really like, and I removed the badge to the safety of a drawer.

  11. Maybe so, but it is a quote from the following, which appears to be a reputable source:

    Sniper. Mark Spicer (Salamander Books, 2001) Stalk and Kill: The Sniper Experience. Adrian Gilbert (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1997)

    Observe then react.
  12. I was always referred to that bastion of all things crap to do with uniform Mat Regs /JSP 336 call it what you will.

    Sniper badge was to be worn on lower right arm below anyrank badge or good condcut badge, definitely non of the latter for me:)

    There is also an anomoly with SNIPER badge, SNIPER is the same as Marksman under new std but SNIPER MARKSMAN has the coveted S? Could be wrong.

    Only four or five of my badge ever wore it although quite a few Snipers who qualified outside of the Corps. Probably worth asking the geezer if being a sniper means he is a marksman, if he is a sniper he should roll off the difference. Personally I was always a shite shot who could apply the marksmanship principles and dress as a bush rather convincingly:) Well it was better than dressign in drag like everyoen else oops!