Sniper article in the Independent

Return of the sniper: How ancient skills are experiencing a modern renaissance in Afghanistan

Their deadly art was neglected for decades. But the pressures of modern warfare mean their ancient skills are needed on the frontline once more

All around, the thunderous chatter of machine-gun fire mingles with the smoke of the mortars and the acrid stench of gunpowder. Some soldiers are bellowing battle orders; others strain to hear above the noise. The scene is chaotic but one thing is clear to all: the danger is imminent, the enemy close at hand.

Seemingly oblivious to the cacophony, however, two Lance Corporals crouch calmly amid the mêlée. Quietly, they exchange wind-speed, temperature, elevation and distance calculations. One holds a ferocious-looking, long-barrelled rifle. Focusing on the red glow of the crosshairs, he breathes out slowly and carefully squeezes the trigger.
The ear-splitting boom of the gun drowns out everything else as a wave of pressure reverberates backwards. A single brass casing spins through the air and clatters to the ground, dwarfing piles of smaller spent bullets.

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Book Reviewer
Good stuff.
The comments made some interesting reading. Including, " And you sir, are a Walt!"


Article very interesting too.

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