snigger, chortle, Biggest Loser, chuckle gufaw!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sparky8, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. I'm sorry. No really I am. I know I'm going to hell for it


    Biggest Loser makes me laugh my cock off!

    Nothing funnier than fat people sweating over their dinners and crying in self pity.


    There's some ex squaddie called "Killer" in this series!! (First to say: PTI/SF Walt!)
  2. Just watching this with the missus, laughing my cock off. The Gwar with the fucking beard needs shooting.
  3. Just tuned in from the worlds fattest baby killer on the other side; 74 stone!!

    Not seen killer but the little fatty with the beard and vagina on his forehead is entertaining.
  4. Racist. You need to be done for HateCrimes.
  5. How can it be a hate crime? I fecking love watching them!

    That fecking ginger useless waste of space running the last 5 metres made me laugh out loud!

    & its sponsored by Subway! Even ITV are in on the joke!!
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  6. It is rather good. I am sat on the couch eating leftover crimbo quality street giggling at chunk!
  7. Subway "Light"
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  8. Not one of them has put any effort in. No one has chundered yet.
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  9. A £1 for lunch....yeah you ate the smaller kids chubby!
  10. Tummybum!!
  11. The two spud-thick Irish lard-arses, one of whom has so much subcutaneous fat hanging round his waist that he has buttocks there. Jesus Christ.

    Living proof that anyone with a "fiddle-de-diddle-de-dee" gene should be exterminated. Efficiently.

    Except Christine Bleakley - she'd avoid the list, obviously........
  12. Targeted advertising too - fat club website followed by Fitness video followed by subway light....not too shabby.
  13. Did you see the size of his nipples?! Its the programme that keeps on giving!

    Just gutted Im missing 74 stone killer on 4 but hey ho, iphone more4 app may just be getting smashed when I sit on the spinner tomorrow!
  14. It`s diddly-diddly- die. I`m off to Google Christine Bleakley.
  15. Did anyone notice when the black girls were sleeping on the couch and one was using the others ARRSE as a pillow? It made me laugh!