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Hot rum toddy


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Wickedly hot curry. Clears the sinuses very fast.
Large amounts of curry to clear the tubes and give you fuel to fight the disease, hot toddy to help you ignore the symptoms; soak in as hot a bath as you can stand for a bit; then straight to bed for 10 hours gonk.

None of this pissing about 'Oh I'm so ill I can't do anything' for me. Just get it over with and get on with things.
A good curry works for me. Or a whiskey honey and lemon. Or a small glass of port is good at waking you up for the day in the morning!


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Ah, whisky, honey and lemon. My aunt's excellent throat remedy with the addition of a spoonful of glycerine. I well remember her lining up the children to take their medicine, and the Dads and older (RN) cousins joining the line!

Not sure it had any medical benefits, but by 'eck it cheered us up!!!!


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Grownup_Rafbrat said:
Wickedly hot curry. Clears the sinuses very fast.
Seconded - and your arrse ends up more painful than your head so you forget about it :D
Move to a warmer climate? It cracked 30 degrees C here today.

Only problem I had was avoiding skin cancer at the pool on base 8)
Sod' bleedin' law!!!

Off to have a hot curry, paracetamol, hot rum/whisky toddy (with or without honey and lemon) and an early night......................looks like I was tempting fate :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Lemsip, rum (or buchu brandy if you can get it), honey and lemon juice. Bung in two aspirin and top up with hot water. Into the scratcher early and sleep as long as you can. Reckon a good night's kip is the best start to kicking the snots.
Southern Comfort with soluble vitamin C tablets does the trick. Same tablets are also good at turning normal vodka into Vodka and lemon without compromising on the alcoholic strength
A bit off topic, but the thread title reminded me of something.

A few years back I was working as a bartender here in Denmark. One Saturday morning we had the usual crowd of shoppers and such in, when in walked an unbelievable figure. It was a woman in her late thirties wearing a fur coat, and strangely enough with a nylon stocking worn on her head like a dunce cap.

As she approached the bar I noticed her make up; it looked like she'd been taking lessons from Coco the clown, and had also put it on in the dark.....without a mirror.....with her left hand. "Oh bollocks" thinks I "there's always one!"

She sat at the bar, smiling at my incredulous stare, and ordered a gin and tonic in perfect English and with a very cultured mid Atlantic accent. This threw me a bit as I'd expected her to sound more like a 40 a day alcoholic low life. So instead of telling her where to go, which had been my first intention, I got her her drink. Then she started chatting away quite normally, and I had real difficulty answering her as I was transfixed by her bizarre apearance. Unfortunately she seemed to think my stares meant that I fancied her, so she kept talking....

After a bit she asked if I had a tissue, as she had 'the sniffles'. "Certainly" says I, "I've got a bit of a cold myself". "Oh no" she exclamed "It's not a cold, it's the cocaine!"

Mystery solved!!!!!

The moral of this story is; never take drugs while you're getting ready to go out, and if you must, remember to look in the mirror before you leave the house!!

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