Sniffing glue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hexitele, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Are you ever too old to start? Whats the big deal? Can it be any type of glue such as the left over PVA I have from plastering the bedroom or is it a specific type?
  2. Fuck glue mate it's old hat,,,next time you visit the hospital for your meds/treatment try having it away with one of those Alcohol hand washing things,,,,they sniff well.......
  3. Evo Stik and Thixofix are the best glues for glue sniffing. Thixofix is probably better as it doesn't stick to your face and goes a lot further.
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  4. There is a few people sniffing stuff on this site tonight.
  5. Glue, you old git. Lighter fluid is where it is at................ but not if you smoke, well not at the same time. Fuck that hurts!
  6. Licking Kermit... that's what the cool kids do.

  7. A gentleman connoisseur, I see?
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  8. The east europeans are visiting hospitals and helping themselves.

    IS glue sniffing the same as pantie sniffing?
  9. Does Prit stick work? What would happen if I get it mixed up with my Vicks Sinex? Would all my Christmas paper chain decorations fall apart?
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  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I tried sniffing glue once.

    I got my finger stuck when I picked my nose. most embarassing. :(
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  11. Only if you sniff " Fish Glue " !
  12. Don't sniff the range glue... you might stay up at the target end too long.
  13. Stay well away, as it is highly addictive. I've managed to wean myself onto Sellotape patches, but its taken some time and a lot of effort, not everyone can stick to it.
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  14. It needs toluene or some other very diffusable solvent. I heard some big kids talking, that's how I know. Honest.