Why does pulling nose hair with tweezers make one sneeze? Why does sneezing feel so good yet pulling nose hairs feel so bad?
Answers on a well wiped post.
I might have had a glass or 4 of fine a crianza rioja, reduced heavily in Sainsburys but never the less...
Oh and incedentally did you know you only breathe through one nasal hole at a time? Try blocking one off at a time and you'll see one is much easier than another.
Does it work even if you have a cold?
Did you know you can't sneeze with your eyes open. When i was told this completely useless fact i never thought i would have the opportunity to use it UNTILL NOW!!
When I tweek my nasal hairs it makes my eyes water, its never made me sneeze. As for sneezing with your eyes open, its supposed to be impossible as your eyes would fly out of their sockets. Try it and see, or not see :twisted:
steptoe said:
If you look at the sun (our star not the rag) it makes you sneeze too.
Just makes me unable to see for a bit.

but it's quite true about not being able to keep your eyes open when you sneeze, I had to sneeze while driving up the M1 the other day and it nearly killed me and about 4 other car drivers - I think this might have been caused by some additional effect when you sneeze, such as massively violent contortions and arm twitches.
While sneezing particles of snot are blown from the nose at up to 100mph.

Yet another interesting fact about sneezing.

I really need to get out more!!!!
I just tried it and it made me sneaze !


I tried plucking some anal hair and I let rip a 7-second fart.

I pulled some pubes and pissed myself

I like to learn something new every day and this day has been special

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