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Sneering at fat people.


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The answer

I hope no-one called him "fat" during the removal process.
I'm sure all those fireman in the cab of their "crane" had a long, sympathetic chat about this poor soul on the way back to the station.


If only it had been painted green, then he could have been rescued by a tank.

ESDV(T) - Emergency Salad Delivery Vehicle (Tracked)?

I hope no-one called him "fat" during the removal process.

How the f^^^ did he not notice the pounds piling on? To be honest I am not sure shame will help. It really is tragic as he is only thirty. What sort of life can he ever have? Or his mum?

Not to mention the costs to the NHS. How was his obesity allowed to get that bad?
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It's not assistance he should have been rendered .
He should of just been rendered.
He would have made a disturbing addition to the Yankee Candle* range.

"Oooooh smell that one Mavis, just like bed sores and unwashed skin folds."

* Other odd smelling candle brands are available. . . . probably . . . . . ask your missus.


From The Stoke Sentinel what a pisser.
A woman has told how she was body-shamed by a 'rude' OAP whose poor parking left her with no space to get back in her car.

The shopper had been on a trip to Home Bargains in Biddulph with her friend when she was left feeling humiliated.
After returning to the Wharf Road car park, she found the gap was too small to get in the driver's seat .
But rather than apologise for causing an inconvenience, the elderly motorist tapped on the window with her mobile phone and suggested she should lose weight.

Sharing details of last Friday's confrontation on social media, the woman said: "When you come to your car in Home Bargains and a woman is so rude. She got out of her car, knocked on my window with her phone and said if I lost weight I would be able to get in my car.

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