Sneering at fat people.

you then follow Arrsers around like a demented yapping terrier making silly comments.

If you don't like it, don't keep poking at people you sick little turd.






THE funniest thing in the world is seeing a fat person falling in the water. I mean fully dressed. Not in their trunks and slipping. Preferably laden down with shopping. Crisps and cakes probably. Hilarious.


If in a similar situation, the fire brigade is called out to remove a stiff from the first floor of a small cottage with a very small and tight staircase, would they send a bill to the family involved?
Why would they? If the family refused would they then leave the slowly liquefying body to the flies and the nervous new tenants?
This little honey was at the graduation ceremony in Leeds this week

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At least four highly trained paramedics, all by the looks of things risking back injuries to get one porker to hospital for treatment for their no doubt self induced health issues. Not exactly an efficient use of resources in the pared to the bone NHS. There must be a better way, like rendering the fat fuckers down in place could probably power a middle sized town on the energy created.
I reckon he’s between 3-4 times the size of the bloke on the left.

Team of six to lift this big fella

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Our local bus station is target-rich for fatties before one even gets to Aldi. Last week Mrs S reported seeing one whose backside stuck out so far 'you could rest ten books on it'.

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