Sneering at fat people.


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From the article: Almost bursting out of their uniforms, the two female soldiers pictured on the right are hardly people you would turn to for tips on a healthy lifestyle.

I remember some WRACs in the 70's and 80s who were bursting out of their uniforms...

...but in the right places and in a very attractive sort of way... :)

Words fail me with that pair...
Seen on BBC Breakfast News this morning. Jabba the Hutt's sister/mother/wife.

There's several esteemed members of this very forum who will not be giving you a "funny" for that image.

Probably due to the fact their own wives are very similar in stature.

Sad but true.
@ScaleyAlbereto has probably lobbed one off to it already.
I bet she says she’s “bubbly”.

Because she lives on fücking Aeros.
She also has an accent worse than Jimmy Krankie
I bet she says she’s “bubbly”.
Because she lives on fücking Aeros.
Why so unkind to the poor lady.
She probably has glandular trouble,overactive thyroid and heavy bones.
It's not her fault.


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