Sneering at fat people.

When I'm recruiting, if Billy Bunter waddles into the interview room, his chances of employment in my esteemed organisation are dead there and then.

My view is, if he is weak willed and has zero self control over what he shoves in his mouth, what other undesirable personality traits he he got that will be discovered upon hiring.

NB. Same goes for fat birds too, I don't employ fat emotional mess'
Same here.

I was interviewing last year for a couple of facilities managers. The overweight candidate didn't get a look in, neither did the female or the ex TA stroker.
The candidate may have big bones or a thyroid problem?
Of course, how could I forget.

These people have their own food range now, to help them with the skeletal and endocrine issues


The candidate may have big bones or a thyroid problem?

Find any photos of 'big bones' then???

I call BS, weak willed is not an excuse for constantly craving food.
Car boot sales are like a fatty nirvana

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