Sneering at fat people.

With an eight foot long length of that thick rope we used to climb in PE
Lightweight. Our ropes, I kid not, went to the school gym ceiling and if you did not make it Mr Paddy Gibson ( former forces) was waiting at the bottom with a sand-shoe to leather us if he kn ew you were being soft.

Then..when I were a lad, we got a reward of cold gravel in battery acid for 11-ses and got let off with 10 strokes of the barbed wire switch. Well, that bit was shite but the first is totally true.
Fcuk me, there are some strange shaped people in the world, what’s the betting the fat cnuts blame it on an overactive thyroid instead of overactive fcuking teeth?


Yuck. Being a wiper of fat peoples’ bums has got to be the worst job in the world.
Groom of the stool is a very sought after job.
If you ever wondered what happened to old hippies, they just got fat!

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