Sneering at fat people.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Be careful next time you sneer/laugh at/point/generally take the piss, as you may well end up on this fat birds website.

    She's not happy.

    No sneering now.
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  2. Sorry was looking at the blonde's arse and wondering if she takes it up the shitter
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  3. Her friend is a shit photographer- probably due to her pie shovels lacking the dexterity to manipulate the settings on her SLR.
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  4. This should be sneered at, publicly ridiculed and generally abused.

    It might make her reduce what she shoves in her gob. It's all for her benefit, can't she see that?

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  5. And for very good reason . . .

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  6. ^ Fuck me , pass the eye bleach.

    And what is it with fat people and Lycra???No, you don't look good in it, wearing clothing that enhances your rolls of flabby obesity is NOT attractive. And wash, wear deodorant and don't sit next to me on the bus / train / plane you knacker! And don't blame It on your 'glands' just put the fucking pie down!

    Edited to add: I notice in the photo that the fire place is already bricked up, which is a shame, but I doubt the fat cow would fit in there even with the liberal use of a shovel.
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  7. More for the way it's dressed than its weight though.
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  8. Probably because it sweats more in a day than an Osprey laden grunt, in Helmand, in Summer during his whole 6 month tour!
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  9. I'm going to use that on Facebook at some point this weekend. I do so hope there's a wedding going off or something.
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  10. secret eaters is my new favourite show (after doomsday preppers of course) and provides no end of laughing at tubsters. i do however want to kill the presenter everytime she comes on screen, though this might just be because she looks a bit like Divina McCall
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  11. It's fucking excellent to watch the greedy wretches. It amazes me how much they shovel in, most eat in a day more than I eat in a week. They truly are disgusting, no idea how people can just gorge themselves like that.
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  12. i've no interest in the psychology bits or where they try and educate their audience about sources of hidden calories i'd sooner have extra hidden camera shots off hungry hungry hippos drinking pints of kebab sauce and images of fat women crying at the sight of their own disgusting bodies.

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  13. Yup, that's the sort of thing worth watching. It's the only reality TV I watch, really good to see them amazed at their own gluttony.
  14. Cheers!

    Off to the EPG we go…