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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday I decide I want a new lap top seen this one at PC world and think ok I'll have that try to order it and it's suddenly £402 as they want you to buy seperately a 6 cell battery and anti virus software. It was shown that it wasnt available for order and collect at my local branch so I think fcuk it I'll pop up and see if there anything else that'll do. Get up there the laptops on display at full price. Speak to a female sales-woman with as much facial hair as Chewbacca and explain the situation regarding web prices ect. She checks yes in stock blah blah but only if you if take the 2 other products explain that I'm not interested in them and only want the laptop. She's able to over-ride the system so I can purchase the laptop only once in the car open the box and surprise surprise theres battery in it get it home load up and theres Norton 2006 on it.........what they were triying to sell me what a bunch of tw@ts :evil:
  2. You shop at PC World? Your fault then.......
  3. People who buy hardware from PC World or Norton 'anti-virus' software deserve everything they get as far as I'm concerned...
    As for that laptop-it's shite!
  4. I agree I have a hatred of all things that are part of the Dixons Stores Group. I use I had a major row with a thick as pig$hit PC World Mlaaar a few years ago. If in any PC World / Dixons store just type the name of the store as the password. It works then simply delete the C:\\ drive. I wonder what gene pool PC World recruit from ? I also agree with the facial hair bit on their Shims (a she and a him).
  5. Not really arsed only want it for browsing the net got a good pc down stairs and couldn't find anything else in the price bracket that wasn't 2nd hand or a re-furbished unit
  6. How helpful. Perhaps he just wants a cheap laptop for basic use? You don't need an all singing all dancing machine for surfing the internet and doing the occasionale letter or spreadsheet.

    What anti-virus software would you recommend anyway?
  7. is now owned by BT folks.They bought them out a couple of weeks ago I believe.As for Dixons companies i wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.The mark-up on their goods is astronomical.I know, I used to work for them many years ago.
  8. The main question is got to be how much do you want to spend. With the specs on that laptop you're getting what you pay for..poor RAM, small HD, poor graphics and low quality CPU If you haven't already parted with your cash you could give a whirl it will at least allow you to look at other options at that price range
  9. Did try Kelkoo but the pages off it were caced andtheorginal laptop I ordered from ashop for £300 was out of stock but as I've a nice dell 9150 dual core with 2gig of memory sitting odnw stairs a high spec wasnt needed ... mind you those HD ready laptops look the business :p
  10. daz

    daz LE

    how about avg or antivir not to mention avast
  11. Mac OS X...
  12. never ever ever ever ever shop at pc world unless you want your brand new laptop to break within a week of you getting it home, only for it to work perfectly when they switch it on at the shop then break again when you get it home again... grrrr!!!!!!
  13. I use Sophos anti-virus if you must know-hasn't let me down yet.

    Of course, if anyone has worked for NATO, you'll know how to get free decent anti-virus software from one of the big guns! PM me and if I'm feeling generous, I'll let you know how to get it.
  14. McAffee you mean? Imo not worth the trouble. :)
  15. just to be awkward, I've just come back from PC world and had some good service!

    Looking for some sdram to update an old laptop at the last minute, their phone service was a bit pants, but the store bods okay (when they had woken up!). Anyway, now 256mb for the better, will be going back for a couple of 512mbs in a few months.

    BTW the advice about AVG, Zone Alarm and adaware is spot on. computer is a lot faster than with norton and feel all over snuggly safe like a cup a soup ad, but not obviously with the big arm thingies... er :oops: