Sneak Preview of Top Trumps British Army pack

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Tenere, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. 29 Cdo Regt is just one of the RA units in the forthcoming Top Trumps "Fighting Units of the British Army" pack - but how do they rate vs other Units? :roll: Sneak preview below :wink: :

    (for every pack sold, the manufacturers are making a donation to charity)

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  2. Manpower: 640? Dream on. Also, whilst some of the batteries may hail back to the 18th Century when cannons (guns) were loaded from the dangerous end, '29' as a Commando unit will celebrate its 50th year of formation in 2012 so we're actually quite sprightly. Having said that I loved playing 'Top Trumps' as a kid, but now I'm just a grumpy pedant so ignore me and 'crack on'.
  3. In Germany Top Trumps is "Top Ass", seen at many tills in Markt Kopf.

  4. 29 Cdo formed in 1748?? I don't know their origins before becoming Cdo (50 years soon as pointed out), but I didn't think they were that senior.

    Good bunch of Specialised gunners who support Cdo Bdes.
  5. For the purposes of the game the "Year of Founding" is that of the Unit or it's earliest antecedent or component. So 1748 will be the founding date of one of its batteries.


  6. which one!!!!!! those not in the know it looks like they are well senior to other RA/RHA units....which 29 is not or am I wrong...
  7. I don't know either - and I can't find the office copy of Batteries and Their history.

    The fact that they are 29 Regiment would suggest that they are less senior than RHA ( word!) 4th Regt, 12 Regt, 14 Regt, 16 Regt, 19 Regt and 26 Regt as the last reshuffle of ORBATS saw the Regiments renumbered in accordance with the seniority of their batteries. Must get into the history books...
  8. It's 7 (Sphinx) Commando Battery RA
  9. Saw it in the National Army Museum.

    I have to blow my trumpet to that one :oops:
  10. The regt reformed into the commando role in 1968
  11. Remeber this comming round the office for Regiments to participate, Not many actually took up on it from the Artillery side. So in the proper game the other arms ar more represented than we are. But lets face it God is on the side of the army with the Largest Artillery....
  12. Are you sure about that? I hate to contradict but below I have taken an extract of a letter from Brigadier Kerr, president of the CGA:

    Looking ahead, 2012 is not only British Olympic year but it will be the 50th anniversary of the transformation of 29 Field Regiment to 29 Commando Light Regiment,

    I'm also pretty sure I remember the 25th anniversary in '87 (a hoofing event by the way) - so, by your reckoning, the 50th will be in 2018 and the 25th was in '93 so it can't have been as I was out by then. It was 1962.
  13. Remembering of course that there is some competition about the first cdo regt, 1 Mtn Regt could have a claim due to their service with 1 Cdo Bde in NW Europe 1945. So too 111 Fd Regt with 2 Cdo Bde in the Balkans 1944-5, or even the Raiding Spt Regt (the 75mm How bty seems to have been gunner) in the Med in 1944-5.

    IIRC the resurrection in 1962 was 2 regts - 29 and 95, each 2 btys guns and one AO. My understnading is that 29 were renumbered from 18 in 1947, which is the unit that actually earned 'Meiktila' due to their great work as the the Army SP Fd Regt in Burma.
  14. Hi. I'm trying to enlist the help of some of you guys. You may not be aware but the 6 BN REME have just been added to the Fighting Units of the British Army pack via the release of a Super card. I'll try and post an image as that's all I've got so far.
    Anyway, the source of this card seems to be unknown and I was wondering if anyone reading this actually knew where to get it and would be willing to share the info and possibly the cards. Many thanks. Nick
  15. bought my set from e bay