Sneak preview of British Army Top Trumps card

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Tenere, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. 2 RGR is in the forthcoming Top Trumps "Fighting Units of the British Army" pack - but how do they rate vs other Units? :wink: Sneak preview below:

    (for every pack sold, the manufacturers are making a donation to charity)

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  2. So where may I purchase same?

    Do tell.

    Ratty 22
  3. do you automatically lose if you have RLC & AGC?
  4. Should be available in WH Smith, Woolies, Tesco, Amazon, National Army Museum - most places which already sell Top Trumps in fact. If not in stock now then they willbe over next couple of weeks.

    In BFG, PRIs and NAAFI will have them in.


  5. My Bold not if you do battle on Manpower! Or even in some cases for VCs either however if you have a RLC or AGC card keep them safe as they are not included in the original 30 so will be a collectors item :wink:
  6. Interesting one. If you took them out of a situation, say Iraq, would you automatically loose? It would be interesting to see how long you could sustain for :D
  7. Think your founding year is wrong, old boy. Sorry. Gurkhas didn't become part of the British (well, Indian at the time) Army until 1816 (ish). They had a war with the Brits from 1814-1816 and from this stems the strong bond between the British Army and the Gurkhas.
  8. Perhaps they were formed from a body of men that were in existence before then.

    In the same way that the senior infantry regiments were in existence before the Army's offical founding date of 1660.
  9. Figures were obtained from two sources: MOD and the Units themselves. Founding dates (of Unit or earliest antecedent), No of VCs and No of Battle Honours were all provided by Units. 2 RGR have described their earliest antecedent as the 10th Madras Native Infantry founded in 1776.
  10. I see. No problem then. :)
  11. or VCs...or i suppose even first formed dates?
  12. MoD

    Established : 1971, but reorganised due to inefficiency 1974, 1977, 1981, 1984, 1987, 1991, 1998, 2002, 2005

    Manpower (working): 0

    VC's: 1 less than Idi Amin

    Battle honours: 0

  13. wasnt amin VC AND BAR? seem to remember he awarded himself two
  14. It seems that the 'Sun's' editorial staff have got involved with the production of these cards what with 2 RGR being referred to as "elite"!!!

    PS. It is interesting that the other senior bravery awards such as the QGM, GM and MC are not included (but I guess that would have given the RLC too much of an advantage)!