SNCOs Sacked for??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by charliecharlieone, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Dish the gos!!
  2. Sun or the Mirror? :lol:
  3. Any true journo will be aware that buggery is the most common reason for the sacking of SNCOs. Buggery and occasionally bestiality judging by some army wives.
  4. And here’s me thinking that buggery was encouraged among SNCOs, someone’s been telling me porkys
  5. seems a common thing then
  6. Ay. They'll say anything to get into a pretty wee lads underpants.
  7. The two can rule is the "Staff Sergeant with a slab's" charter to practice "beastliness" on young, beer-starved squaddies...
  8. so why did you get sacked? how about qualifying the start of a thread wiht some of your own gossip wtf is gos??

    this is already heading naafi bound.. :roll:
  9. Fair one canteen, thought i would see what happens as i know of one who was sacked last week for the usuall shenanigans
  10. So what are the usual shenanigans?

    Bullying? Homosexuality? Incompetence?

    What’s the theme to your article?
  11. What prey tell is the "usuall shenanigans"?

    Journo alert.

    What does CharlieCharlieone mean then?
  12. You joined in January and then only saw fit to start posting today at 11:50 (my time) it is 14:03 now.

    None of your posts, 5 to date, convince me that you are even serving.

    Sun, Mirror, Star or Viz?
  13. chocolate_frog, exactly what I thought.

    So far he appears to be a Journo who has been reading since January and is now poo stirring to find something interesting to quote or write about.

    Please tell me I’m wrong.
  14. ok come on less of the paranoia not every poster that you dont know is a journo, so calm it down or off the tread goes....back on topic, well as such as there was one..