SNCOs Grown up or childish?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by HEART_STOPPER, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Removed with apologies to my mate Lord Flasheart :blowkiss:
  2. Dont care who you think it belongs to, this is out of order. Own up be a grown up and take the rap
  3. Whip round to replace, you'll be owed one by the ( fuckwit ) perpetrators.
  4. Regardless of what has happened, has the 'what goes on in the Mess, stays in the Mess' ethos disappeared?

    You've named a specific Mess on a public forum and given details of activities that will identify it.

    This, I believe, is not the place to broadcast it.
  5. What happens in the mess....

    But must admit I'm curious to know what the inevitable outcome will be.

    I suspect that "Serves him right" will be the phrase of the day when the culprit is identified. That and "Ow, ow, ouch!"
  6. I am gobsmacked that something like this would happen in ANY WO and Sgts Mess. It is rare instances like this that "what goes on in the mess etc" is out of the window. The guilty party(s) when found should tap the boards and be reduced in rank. They have no right to be a member of the Mess.
  7. Sorry mate but that will still leave bad feeling and people pointing the finger behind other peoples backs. Bubble the fcuker and fcuk him off to St Kilda as Spr IC Feeling sorry for himself cos he is a drunken Knob who can't handle a few pints!

    If you know who it is, tell them that you know (anonymously if you must) and give them the ultimatum!!! Own up or be bubbled!!!

    This has been going on for some time IIRC, there cannot be many mess members around who were there the first time it happened.

    HS Check your PMs

  8. Totally agree but posting this on a public board is not on.

    HEART_STOPPER, I take it you are a JNCO and maybe feel that the 'what goes on in the Mess..' rule doesn't apply to you?

    Do you aspire to move up? If so, learn the rule now.
  9. You cant say this was tom-foolery, high spirits or such. It was pure spite and selfishness that undermines the core values and loyalties which are imbibed in the WOs & Sgts Mess. The integrity of these mindless oafs has been compamised - the whole Regiment and its other Messes will be taking note of these shennanigans. Not going to be held in high regard. The RSM is quite within his right to get medieval on the culprits.
  10. Priam

    On second thoughts I agree.

    The blokes should grow a pair, take whatever they get and clear the air.
  11. Thats disgraceful and not within the ethos of mess life.

    If the pace stick was willfully destroyed i do not think this should stay in the mess. Remind them the importance of upholding the virtues of the mess by busting them and to rub salt in the wounds have them wait on at the next do.

    However if it was broken whilst arsing about they should grow some balls own up and get your hands in your pockets.
  12. At the risk of sounding rather liberal and wishy washy, I reckon the perpetrator (wow...I sound like Judge Dredd) is feeling extremely guilty and shit-scared. I would give him the chance to atone for his sins and replace the pace-stick along with a suitable anonymous donation to charity or something like that.

    Why would the mess manager have a pace-stick?
  13. Removed with apologies to my mate Lord Flasheart
  14. thats because JNCOs dont have a mess.
  15. Which just goes to confirm that the JNCO in the Mess thing mentioned in another thread should not happen. The SNCOs who breached protocol by talking to Juniors should have a word with themselves too.