Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 18yrs_on, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. You can always tell when it's coming to confidential time as all the sit on your arse people suddenly want to get involved in extra activities.
    I have one here at this unit has suddenly the need to get involved in a activity shal we call it.
    This is after the hard work has been done and the reports are submitted.
    Cheeky little F88ker even crawls to the boss and tries to edge in behind everyone who has put the long term work into it so he can be stood there when the end comes and say look what I have done.
    This really grips my Sh1t.
    Do you experience this and how did you murder the little git? :twisted:
  2. SNCO's Confidential time?

    Maybe you want to check when that actually is numbnuts. At the moment and for the next few months it will be JNCO's confidential time.

    Feel free to correct your mistake, it may be that said individual is just a sad loser who likes living on other peoples glories.
  3. Roger, don't be a gisgruntled JNCO all of your life - your time will come.

    Relax, and perform for next year and show bags of potential!!!!

  5. Sorry a bit past that scenario a few years ago but the gripe was direted at Mid year appraisal time and performance leading up to confidential time.
    If I was confusing people then apologeeeeeees.
    Sorted. Mary get your fooking hands out that bread bin.
    I'll chop em arf! be hatch
  6. someone must write draft reports or mid-years etc. from experience, we all know who the good lads are and who are the numpties. if this arrselicker trumps you all for his CR/MYR then it's his boss who is to blame for not keeping tabs on performance throughout the reporting period. Bad management really. At the end of the day you are always going to get weasels trying to taking credit for others' jobs but it's a management responsibility to get a feel (not in a michael jackson way) for everybody's continued performance and potential.
  7. Ooh, good comeback, how on earth could I possibly top that?
  8. "Extra activities" quite often equates to arsse licking. Do you think these guys really give a fcuk about charity etc? OK a few may do. You could be very average at work yet still come off the board because you arranged a couple of piss ups for the right people. Needless to say I didn't come off the board. What? A sponsored ladder climb? What a great idea sir, of course I will.
  9. It shouldnt really be about charities but extra activities that benefit the lads and lasses.
    Activities that are outside your work scope but a benefit to all.
    Bollocks to this Look sir what I have done but more they you go lads there's some goochie kit or facility you can use.
  10. you guys who want to get promoted - get a couple of AT quals under yer belt. Adventure drinking is for winners. You get to organise drinking holidays and it looks great on your CR.

    I'll vote for you! :)