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Please don't take the piss (too much anyway).

Done 14 yrs with and issues beyond my control mean I need to transfer (would love to 7 clicks but got a new born and couldn't afford it) I've been well and truly hung out to dry by my unit and there's no coming back, not now the ha have (Wrongly) called my integrity into question.

My issue is where to go, I'm 33 now but MFD and still beat most of blokes 10 yrs my junior on PFTs. Been a Sgt since 2011, 4 tours of telic/herrick all as close support, many quals inc AASAA etc. Wanting to get a trade, I qualified as a sparky in my spare time a few years ago using ELC so swaying towards REME.

Any advice through the much deserved piss taking appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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If your integrity is in question, who would take you?
I've been made a scapegoat by a jncos **** up. Can't really put the details in here although wish I could.

It's split the unit in two, rest of sncos are furious with it, them and us mentality.
No but I heard shit went mental in bfg the other day in screws mess, although heard it was 110.

Another unit but as you know once your name pops up on a job you can't come back, been forced out.
Make a Service Complaint.
Already made a written representation via my legal advisor. service complaint will be in Monday if it's not resolved. Either way because the HQ even entertained it means I really have to look elsewhere.
It's unusual to transfer when as senior as you are mate to be honest. It isn't unheard of though and we've certainly had blokes come across with your time served as Cpls.

You couldn't be a tradesman as a SNCO without being a qualified Class 1, so you may be offered a transfer with a drop in rank.

We no longer have Vehicle Electricians, with your quals you'd be looking at Vehicle Mechanic, or perhaps Electronics Technician, although the latter is an 18 month long course just to get Class 3, you'd then be looking at about 4 years before going back on an upgrader course. Potentially you'd have to revert to Cpl for 5-6 years if you went Elec Tech. VM would be a little quicker, the trade course is shorter and if you're up to it there is the option for an accelerated Class 1 course although there is no guarantee of this. You'd still be looking at about 4 years all in.

Then there are the other options within the REME, Recovery Mechanic and Technical Stores Specialist. Not trades in the same sense as the others but always undermanned and can be very rewarding.

As a word of warning the Recovery Mechanic Cpl-Sgt board is very competitive and you would have the same dramas building experience prior to gaining Class 1.

Your best option may well be TSS, it's not sexy but promotion prospects are some of the healthiest in the Corps. Couple this with the fact that a lot of the trade group are mouthbreathers and it's easy to shine.

Just to back up my comments, on either Tranche 2 or 3 redundancy 2 SSgt Artificer Vehicle SSgts who were selected for redundancy and opted to retrade to TSS Cpls rather than get out. I think at least one of them picked up Sgt very shortly afterwards.

Edit- I meant to add that the TSS route now encompasses both the G4 RQMS jobs and opens up the CSM/RSM jobs for the right candidates.
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Maybe transfer to RN or maybe even RAF might be an option to consider, assuming they have something to offer that you like. Plenty went back and forth in my day as that gave them better advancement opportunities than staying put. You could well get to keep rank and pay by this route too.
Ammo Tech or RAF aircrew I would suggest. At least you'll retain your level of pay whilst training.
HAve you looked at the RAOL on MSWeb - all the vacancies in teh Army are written down there.


Just linguists? I was under the (probably outdated) impression that senior Int Corps was a bit of a pinch point.
Bit of a pinch point but you'd find it difficult without the skills you learn along the way and experience.
You'd revert to Cpl after training, but you'll get your third back in a year to two. The trade is always short of SNCOs and it's the Seniors that do much of the work.

You'll do the basic AT course 6-9 months, bugger off for about a year then comeback and upgrade, many guys have received their third at the end of upgrading. There's also plenty of scope to extend beyond 22 years.
My bad - OAVL - 4 letter TLAs confusion!
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