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SNCO pool roles? CVHQ etc

Does anything like this exist??? Need to cut down TA time due to family commitments (want to see my kids etc).

Possibly would consider role with another cap badge but prefer CVHQ(/specialist) role (have tried current cap badge but normal civvie work isn't relevant and the SNCO's roles are for ex-regs only in my TA role).

Love doing trade training....

Ideas? Been suggested I look at Media Ops
Jt Cimic are at Camberley Barracks and usually have SNCO vacancies, speak to their PSAO on 01252 863352 then submit a transfer request in the normal way. Alternatively if you want to take a year or so off from the TA without any training commitment consider a transfer to the Unposted List, you can then transfer back when work eases up.

Other national/specialist units depends on which capbadge you are interested in:

RE: 170 Engr Gp 01159 572873
HQ RLC TA: 08005 876585
CVHQ AMS: 01904 442681
102 Bn REME: 01325 375041
TAPOL (AGC Linguists): 01980 618714
Media Ops: 02089 746543
Nice to see the army.mod.uk site with some useful info on it. Which emails do you want? I'll see if I can dig them out for you.

Reference the UPL ask your unit to give David Grieg at APC a ring on 9 4561 8792. I'm under the impression that SNCOs can go on the UPL but in practice have only seen officers make use of it. Let us know what they say...

MSR will update the wiki when I get a spare couple of minutes.
MSR I don't seem to have the permissions necessary to edit that page of the wiki (unless DII is just not letting me...)
Just had a quick check of TA Regs, the UPL is open to all ranks (3.568 ) and you can remain there for up to 2 years (3.573) with APC as your parent unit (3.570). Application details at 3.581, basically submit a 7547 with Unposted List B as your new unit.
For the TA Pool of Linguists (TAPOL) see Charlie congs post below.

If you mean the UPL it should now be Neill Watson on 9 4561 8843.

Editied due to being a mong.
Apologies - didn't associate the acronym. And, having heard of linguists hidden here and there in the system, wondering if there was another pool of linguists I hadn't heard about!

For the benefit of others attempting to contact the AGC Pool of Linguists, your best initial PoC is the Trg Sgt on 01962 887598.


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