SNCO mess dress,how much is the grant??

Having recently been promoted,I have applied for the SNCO mess dress grant,but nobody seems to know-how much it actually is???anyone know??
They give you a grant for it now? Damn!!!
From army.mod - Rifles dress guidance
A grant for the purchase of SNCO Mess Kit will be available for all newly promoted Sergeants wef. 1st April 2009. The grant will be paid as a one-off grant to all Corporals promoted to substantive or acting Serjeant. There will be three different rates as follows:

HCav and RAC £835.
SCOTS £550.
All others (incl. The Rifles) £455

(AG/HQ/1-6-1 dated 19 Feb 09)
(RAAC Chap 15 Annex A)
(D/DPS(A)/25/1/1/PS12(A) dated Nov 08)
(D/DPS(A)/25/03/00(PS12(A) dated 8 Jan 09)
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