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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by wkdblue, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Sorted
  2. Standby for incoming..........
  3. Well spotted. Grow the feck up and look at yourself first.

    If you have no probs, get your crap together and make the right impression so he has no problems with you - or is it all in your mind!!??
  4. Fu**ing man up... wet pants! you take the Queen's shilling, act like a man and stop whinging. We have all been the 'lowly rank', believe me, before H&S was involved, you got away with murder, not just a stern talking too, but a fu**ing kicking. I feel you need to re-valuate your career path! I hear the Girl Guides are recruiting.
  5. And why's he got an 'out to get you' attitude? What have you done?
  6. This is bollocks the bloke only wanted help and you lot jump down his throat.
  7. Im not jumping down his throat, Im asking a question to get a better understanding of the situation...
  8. A daily transcript would stand if it came to it. A recording I'm afraid would not legally, but if you pulled one out of your phone for the OC to hear then I imagine it would be the end of someones career if it was 'bullying'. Ask for an informal interview with the Troop Commander/OC/Padre and see if they can help, maybe the guy doesn't know he's intimidating you.

    Sometimes it just turns out that some people are more sensetive than others, doesn't make them bad people.
  9. Why dont you just go and ask to have a chat with him and lay your cards on the table and then ask him what he thinks you can do to have a happier working relationship. Maybe its over something trivial that can be sorted, ie he thinks your not pulling your weight, always late, always drunk etc. You have obviously had some kind of run in so get it sorted like men without having to resort to talking behind his back. Most problems are two sided so dont just class yourself as a victim and also remember that there is a rank system. However he has no right to intimidate you for no reason.

    Ok Im just going to make sure my JNCO's have cleaned my room and brushed my boots. :wink:
  10. Im guessing you mean by lowly rank your a cfn/pte/sig etc if so get someone whos inbetween you and this sgt to observe him discreetly and if he/she thinks hes bullying you or it could be that hes just a cnut with everyone which he has the right to be then you will know before trying anything.

    Before i get incoming for this i think the discipline structure is to lame but you have to treat everyone the same.
  11. A positive attitude helps in life, A negative attitude don't. If you have a negative attitude you will likely have low self esteem because you also see yourself in a negative light. If you have poor self esteem you cannot have a positive attitude to anything, after all if you cannot like yourself how can you like anything or anybody else? On the other hand, if you are positive you can build your self esteem which will improve your attitude towards yourself and also in relation to life and the world in general. Positive attitude/ high self esteem or negative attitude/ low self esteem.
  12. sorted
  13. You need to be very clear in your own mind what you are not happy about and what redress you would like to see if it is found you have been wronged.

    I would not recommend speaking to your Sgt directly about this, it may inflame the situation. I would advise you to speak to a neutral third-party, preferably a SNCO or Offr who has access to the intranet (in order to obtain AGAI 70 and guidance).

    Has your Sgt done any of this:

    a. Verbal abuse, such as swearing at staff or colleagues either in public or private.
    b. Belittling or ridiculing a person, or his abilities, either in private or in front of others.
    c. Spreading malicious rumours about someone.
    d. Sudden rages or displays of temper against an individual or group, often for trivial reasons.
    e. Subjecting someone to unnecessarily excessive or oppressive supervision, monitoring everything they do or being excessively critical of minor things.
    f. Persistent and unjustified criticism.
    g. Making unreasonable demands of staff or colleagues.
    h. Ignoring or excluding an individual e.g. from social events, team meetings, discussions and collective decisions or planning.
    i. Making threats or inappropriate comments about career prospects, job security, or appraisal reports.

    If you can say with certainty that any of the above has happened or is happening, you must keep written records (who, when, where, what and most importantly who witnessed it)

    When you think you have sufficient evidence, speak to your chain of command (Offr level) or submit an AGAI 70 redress directly to your CO (details and guidance in AGAI 70)

    I believe that a similar redress procedure is also now available via an independent organisation who will accept your redress via letter or email, sorry I don't have a link, grateful for anyone who can provide further info ref this :wink:

  14. If this means that your platoon Sgt has talked about you to the Platton Cpl to try to get you sorted I see no reason to complain. By the same token if that was what happened as a pln Sgt I'd be more than a little p****d off that my Cpl was taking this attitude and not putting you straight. Just because the SNCO pushes you a bit doesn't mean he's got a down on you, he could also be trying to make you a better soldier.
  15. Crafty, don't do that, you are being sensible, and you can't put in a claim for that :wink: