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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Enablers of all hues and shades ARE useful, even essential. If the unit is fully manned with qualled blokes and needs to make space for more bright, young things then by all means mag to grid the 'enabler'. But it is far to easy for the young, fit and (dare I say it) arrogant to point to the 'old, fat, waster' and plant the ills of hte world on him. But the top and bottom of it, it doesn't matter how fit, young and keen you are, or that you can strip a GPMG down blindfolded with your feet if the Coy can't drive to the fcuking ranges. Likewise, you can attend a course, but you can't just turn on experience in that field overnight. Enablers, have their place. They don't all have to be kept, but to get rid of them all would be unwise. Easiest way of sorting it. Write down every task the 'enabler' carries out, find the loudest critic of the 'enabler/s' and present the list. If they can/are willing to do 75% or more of the list, then sack the enabler.
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  2. Enablers DO deffo have a place. On 2 conditions:

    1: They don't stay for years and career fowl everyone

    2: They don't keep ******* larging themselves up.

    I must add that there are commissioned 'no tours walty check me out I know **** all' types too who prefer the less threatening enablers as yes men NCOs.

    Annoying, at times infuriating even, but a sad unavoidable fact of life.

    They'll mostly be getting their pax & wills all sorted out about now, ready for op Olympics.
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  3. Maybe the TA should look at these 'enablers' and build a home for them? Coy Staff Instructor ranked/paid as a Cpl perhaps.
  4. There ain't nobody here but us chickens, there ain't nobody here at all...
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  5. But many of the skills I listed I'd say are part and parcel of the generic Ta snco.
    I'm still in 'trade' but it's very rare I'd get to do that - love it when I do.
  6. As long ast hey know where they are on the pecking order.
  7. RD rules the roost
  8. Just because someone is

    a. In the TA
    b. A SNCO

    Doesn't make them an enabler

    A SNCO enabler is someone who uses their experience, qualifications and rank to assist the unit, like a SSgt RMQ running a range or a Full Screw SAAI, not a 48 yr old Sgt who can drive a mini bus.
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  9. Chickens aside and we know them!

    Is an enabler doing a job or blocking a slot. Can younger guys not do this? Do you have to be fat , bad tempered, miserable, cynical, gods gift to the army (and don't you forget it) types. Or is there perhaps another way?
  10. Just a point for discussion - do the 'enablers' actually need to be SNCOs? They get paid more, they get the benefits of mess life & facilities, etc. Surely if it's a case of "your entire continued existence in the TA is based on the fact that your driving license looks like the alphabet" or "your entire continued existence in the TA is based on your CBRN / SAA instructors quals" you can't really warrant SNCO pay and benefits? Is there any good reason why they couldn't be the Coy (everything) driver with 1 or 2 stripes?

    Is there any written reason why you can't send somebody from 3 stripes to 1 stripe simply because they no longer fulfil the role that their rank represents? The sceptic in me would go as far to suggest companies are scared of dumping people down a few ranks (or not promoting others) simply for retention as they don't want to see CSgt Bloggs get in a huff and bin it altogether for being handed a lance jacks rank slide and told to put his mess kit on eBay.

    It's just that as the TA has evolved in the last 10-15 years, you're starting to see people in SNCO ranks who've actually got the operational experience to support that rank. Seeing the enablers drawing the same (or indeed more) pay and benefits must be a bit demotivational for those who've earned the rank in line with what would be expected of their regular counterparts.

    I'm all for keeping people on if they've got skills that are in demand and vital to the continual operation of the unit. What I'm not for is continuing to pay them and offer them benefits as SNCOs when their offerings to the unit do not exceed those of the junior ranks.
  11. Bloody hell, I actually agree with that.
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  12. Depends if the RMQ or SAAI can drive a minibus... otherwise no ranges. Should the RMQ/SAAI drive the minibus, who opens the range before the minibus gets tehre? Who drives the range stew, refills the jerries etc.
  13. Which is why a suggested a Coy Staff Instructor or similar in my earlier post. Paid as a Cpl or thereabouts. Perhaps let them wear whatever rank they had reached, but they should know there is no more promotion prospects and no more pay.
  14. They are doing a job but with ever diminishing slots available as you move up through the ranks - Its a cert you will hit a block. Maybe not roles available i.e. CQMS and CSM tend to be fluid but the RMQ mentioned above may go static.

    Would posting to different capbadges work, i.e. the 'RMQ in waiting' moves to another capbadge within town/county? I've seen potential REME artificers move units to gain experience (same capbadge though)