SNCO CLM part 3 dates

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by conco, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone PM me with the new SNCO CLM part 3 dates in BFG?
  2. I'll put them all here so anyone can use them

    7th March Elmpt ALC
    7th March Bordan ALC
    14th March Munster ALC
    14th March 42 AEC Hohne
    14th March TEC Bastion
    14th March 10 AEC Tidworth
    14th March 10 AEC Tidworth (Two Courses)
    14th March 3 AEC Catterick
    21th March 34 AEC Rheindahlen
    21th March Deepcut ALC
    28th March 10 AEC Tidworth
    28th March 27 AEC Edinburgh

    Most of the bid by dates have passed but they have been making exceptions for late applicants.
  3. Thanks for them, but i don’t suppose you have any of the later ones as my unit is arrse when it comes to booking anything and to them knowledge is power! Try booking a course yourself, and the world falls apart! So being sneaky thought f*^k them and do it myself
  4. I don't think the new course year is out yet, I only got those dates this week so I assume thats the most up to date there is. You want to try and get on before May the 1st because the course is getting extra bits added.
    I just phoned them directed and booked myself on a course.