SNCO CLM & EFP1 Grandfather rights

I have asked this on armynet however no answer has been forthcoming! I hope someone here can be of some help.

I completed EFP 1 in Dec 2002 and this was enough to get my sub promotion to Sgt in 2006, I have been on previous C/Sgt promotion boards but I have now been informed that I must complete part 2 and 3 of SNCO CLM to go on this years board. Is this correct as I thought EFP 1 would count as a qualification to gain Substantive C/Sgt. If anyone could clarify this for me I would be grateful, I have read the CLM policy book but there is no mention of EFP 1 and what actions are required.
CLM Pt 2 doesn't exist anymore (workbook). As far as I'm aware you won't be eligible for continued promotion if you've not completed SNCO CLM (old Pt 3) at the AEC.
Part 2 is now a numeracy and literacy exam lasting a day at the AEC, I did think EFP1 would have covered this as it counted on the last 3 boards, it's nice to be told so late that I will now miss out this year
It's all published on MS Web mate, I believe grandfather rights for SCLM have now ended but you'll be able to find it in black and white if you have Dii access. Are you aware that each arm has its own Annex to the CLM handbook?
To be honest, brother, I too bluffed my way to Sgt in 2006 and I still managed to understand the basic fundamentals of what courses I needed to undertake to progress further with a possibility of a super-bluff off the WO's board in Jan/Feb 12. If you need to ask on here; I'd suggest WO1 is several light-years away!
I did understand what was required, however I am being told rules for promotion have changed but I can't find any change, if I have to do the shity 7 day course then so be it, all I am looking for are the rules that say I must complete this when the courses I had previously completed already were good for last year. Not looking for a bluff as it will mean missing out on a Kenya deployment or promotion as no one in my unit has been informed of any clm change.
It hasn't changed, the ending of grandfather rights for J/SCLM were published at least 2 years ago. We've just reached the date that was set for them to finish. I'd have a word with my CoC if I were you but I'd be very aware that I'm supposed to be aware of the policy in order to look after my subordinate's best interests. How are your lads doing for CLM advice?
Yes mate, there's a few different docs to cross reference. I had to look them up for one of mine having JCLM dramas. I can't do links sorry, I'm at home but you'll find it if you look hard enough.
Obviously not else you wouldn't have posted on a chippy half-mark site.

Why? I did. Good times!
Only posted on here as the clm policy book that has recently been updated doesn't cover this issue, armynet was of no help, just looking for a little assistance so I can get booked on course straight after leave.
My experiences of dealing with this are that Glasgow won't budge, no matter how daft the rule they're enforcing is.

I'd advise smashing out the assessment as soon as you can, then ring the courses clerks at any AECs nearby. They can be quite helpful if you explain the situation.

Having qualified ensure you get JPA updated straight away as your efforts will be wasted otherwise.
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