Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invisible_man, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Once again the subject of the SNCO Cadre has raised its ugly head............ Apparently you now do not have to be fit to be in this Corps, because "you can go on the Cadre, fail both the PFT and the CFT, and still pass". That was a quote I heard today and more importantly the individual has come off the board!

    A fine example to set our JNCOs, and people wonder why people are disillusioned with things and calling it a day.

    Whilst I understand that there are people out there with genuine injuries, laziness in my mind is not a recognised medical condition.
  2. Are you referring to the LMC course currently running?

    You're right though...
  3. I hope this isnt a wah, but forgive me as I am not familiar with 'LMC'??
  4. No as far as i am aware it was the "Normal" cadre
  5. Well, that must be a new rule, as there were people being RTUed from the last few courses for failing the CFT.

    I think the Mil Trg staff should log on (instead of lurking) and post the definative rules, instead of people speculating.
  6. How long is the cadre these days and is there still a 5 day field phase up at Sennybridge? Do they still do the stretcher race? (Though that does seem to depend on who is Templer CSM at the time).
  7. I don't think you have ti go to sennybridge to do a stretcher race.

    Stelling Minnis was good enough in my day, I don't see why you need to wast two days driving managers to brecon and a day driving them back.

    I have been screwed around a lot more on a tiny weekend training centre, than the Intelligence Corps cound manage in the whole of SE England.

    I detect a chronic outbreak of waltishness
  8. IM, I would not get wound up over it. You may or may not be aware of a number of high-profile type tribunal/legal cases surrounding promotion courses and the necessary criteria (or not) to pass them - I am aware of two individuals within the Int Corps that 'made waves' on two seperate promotion courses questioning whether their 'inability' to deliver a set of platoon orders had any relevance in their ability to be an Int Corps WO.
    There is no right or wrong answer - from my time in the Corps it was a matter of personal pride in your own performance and preparation levels. The fact remains that the goalposts constantly change and more often than not they are driven by society and its ever-increasing pink-fluffy attitude to people management. I would like to get nostalgic about "the way it used to be" :) but I like Subsonic and many other 'fossils' can merely try to add some independent spin on this emotive subject .....Here endeth the lesson. 8O
  9. Sorry Piglet, but there is a right or wrong answer. The right answer is that you achieve the standard laid down, regardless of how one feels about the quality or relevance of the syllabus. The wrong answer is any other response.
  10. Perov.....I was merely using a general expression! But yes you are right and I completely agree that there are set TOs for any course and to 'pass' that course you must meets those TOs. I was merely trying to add weight to the argument that the fault lies with the constantly changing syllabus. When I did my D&D and SM&D (yes I am old!) the syllabus required you to pass:
    1. Pass an APWT
    2. Pass a BFT
    3. Pass CFT or ICFT
    4. Deliver a set of military orders
    5. Pass CMS(R) tests etc etc etc

    I would feel extremely p*****d off when discovering that the next D&D somone was allowed to pass a course despite failing a number of requirements that were mandatory only 5 months earlier !!!!

    Is the fault therefore the fact that there is no consistency/continuity in the
    TOs? I welcome any views on this especially from anyone close to the trg environment.
  11. Since the Corps moved to Chicksands the stretcher took place on a 2 mile course around Chicksands and the loop of road that circled the site of the old 'elephants foot'. The exercise phase wasn't held at Chicksands and I didn't say that it was. The exercise phase was (aand presumably still does) take place at Sennybridge. All I was trying to ascertain was if that was still the case.

    I'm not sure if that makes me a walt or not...... :?
  12. Yep, still at glorious Sennybridge, unless they decide to conduct it at Alton Towers or something in the future. :D
  13. Mate just to put it into perspective...Guys in the infantry that go on any course...regardless of if its a promotionl course have a foundation day prior to the course starting...they must pass PFT and Basic Military skills test before the start. If they fail them they are RTU'd. On certain courses for example a promotional course (Not SCBC or PSBC) like Signals they have the duration of the course to Pass the PFT or CFT. If they still havent passed they FAIL the WHOLE course.

    More Arms should be like it or else how can you inspire your JNCO's and act as their role models.
  14. Chosenman and Piglet,

    Looks like we're all singing off the same songsheet here. There is far to much 'random' change involved, both of syllabus and rules. I was very bemused to find 3 'AWO2s' failing the Op MI Mgrs I was on, only to find they were still AWO2s' long after the course finished and the rest of us passed.
  15. The Sigs have only recently started failing people for failing MATT tests during SCLM.

    They are making them come back and do the whole course.

    About time aswell IMHO.