Snax Of The Gods

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Fingerz, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Right we've all heard of Egg Banjo's at dark o'clock (complete with oily thumbprint in RAOC Thursday Bread), & Bratties from the imbiss in the middle of Soltau.

    What, however, is your "Snack of the Gods" when left alone on a thursday pm with nothing to do and there's an empty pit in your stomach.

    Cheddar Cheese, crackers and lime pickle anyone?
  2. Cold baked bean barm with sweet chilli sauce,to be eaten at midnight,in the kitchen,starkers,using only the fridge light for illumination...yummy.

    Oh forgot to add,,must be pissed otherwise it's not as nice..
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  3. Fresh bread cut thick, loads of butter, then a whole packet of pickled onion monster munch put between them.

    the crush it down flat with the palm of your hand.

    Fan fucking tastic
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  4. Take one large loaf of fresh crusty bread.

    Cut in half and hollow out each half.

    Large bag of chips in one half and can of warm beans in tom sauce in the other.

    Slap together and have as a starter.
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  5. Ritz Crackers topped with Prawn Flavoured Primula Squeezy Cheese and diced Italian Salami on top avec large glass of Rose !!
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  6. I prefer doing half a backwards role naked on the rug in front of my TV, then lovingly milk my man meat until I deposit a sticky warm shot of baby-gravy into my eagerly awaiting mouth.

    I sometimes blow bubbles with it before swallowing.
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  7. Have you ever farted and followed through whilst doing it?
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  8. CHIP LOAF!! Christ that takes me back. Used to have that for lunch at School, throwing all the torn up inner of the loaf at passing buses in Bethnal Green Road.

    Them wos the good times.

    My snack, black pudding sandwich. Lovely.
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  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You are MDN's clone and I claim my Euromillions Lottery Ticket.
  10. No, because the cat is usually licking my hoop as I do so.
  11. Ah, you shove some tuna up your crack first.
  12. bacon, cheese and chicken melt over chips/in a wrap/on some toast. sorted.

    When I have a choc craving I sometimes get a teaspoon, take some cadburys drinking choc powder and lick it off. hits the spot when you can't get to the shop to buy proper stuff!
  13. Pickled red cabbage and salted peanut sandwich, once again only eaten by fridge lamp at midnight - ish whiolst bollock nekked
  14. Fucking show off. :)
  15. How about bacon chicken and nutella?

    Maybe not.