I was just having a nostalgia moment, and I remebered ram raiding, very popular in the 80s. About the only use for a delapidated Landrover....any other uses that could be suggested for such a clapped-out pit pony?


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Escorting ministers around warzones, duh.
In 1977 we took 4 LR's to Nepal and back, good swan
I know what we could do with the Snatch fleet. Load up all the Labour Party into them and let them do a road move along Highway One in Afghanistan. I'm pretty sure the ones that would be left would soon approve funding for more Mastiffs.


Whiskey_60 said:
Erm, inserting ones length into it? :?

Oh right, THAT sort of snatch.
I fell for the f*cker as well. They should be forced to qualify thread titles. I was getting a sweat on there.
Heh,heh,heh! I knew it would draw a few in. Kind of wah variation wid dem bells on !!! Happy weekends, and don't pull the old hood too much, everyone will tink you gangsta peot n like yah!
A rusty chassis bed makes a good BBQ grill in the back of a mechanics yard. Lovely on a summer evening after tinkering with a Jaguar all day.