Snatch Landys to be replaced?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Oh, an 'emergency review' how nice. How long will that take to conclude that they're not fit for purpose do you think?

    I have to say, watching some of the footage available on the web, I'm somwhat less than convinced by the armoured shopping trolley-alike

    The Mastiff series seem to be OK. If they're working.
  2. Interesting to note though, how quick the media are to pick on Snatch as 'inadequate', yet also big-up big boys' GI Joe toys like Jackal...

    Obviously the missing part of the existing vehicle capability triumvirate:


  3. Are there any vehicles which will protect its users from EFPs? If there aren't then it doesn't matter which vehicle is used.
  4. Bollox. Think 'degree' here, while no vehicle is impregnable, there are many better platforms that the lads should have, but don't.

    Four more to the alter of war on the cheap.
  5. seem to remember that this is what armourd cars were used for from like 1914 untill about 1990ish. Fox replaced the Ferret but Snatch was a lot cheaper. Politico's v Defence spending, you know who wins
  6. PE4rocks

    I bow to your greater knowledge since my fighting was done decades ago, but if EFPs are being used then surely nothing can be done?

    Can a parallel be drawn with RUC officers getting blown up in unmarked vehicles. Would placing them in APCs have saved their lives, would they have preferred to have used a more robust machine? Were the four who died trying to lesson the impact of their arrival in a village by not using war machines as I have seen being argued?

    Before you accuse me of being Sven I am not arguing a government (or quasi government) line, I am just exploring different avenues.
  7. Different roles. You can't transport troops/personnel in the back of a Fox or Ferret, like you can in a Snatch LR. Thats without going into the 'profile' issues.
  8. From the same link above.

    Says it all really.

  9. Far be it from me to speak for MoD spin doctors - the very thought would cause some of them to run screaming from the room. However, for what its worth this is what they say on that issue (my bold):

  10. I know my memory is not what it could be, but was it not the same media who are now shouting about how inadequate Snatch wagons are the same lot who told the nation how shocking it was that the MOD was disposing of "air conditioned" Snatches at auction in 2003 instead of sending them out to Iraq so that soldiers didn't cook in Saxons?
  11. Good post.
  12. There's a famous saying - "The best is the enemy of the good". In other words, go for the ideal solution and you knacker your chances of getting something workable quickly. If we had a really powerful motor and a frame that would accept additional sheets of composite armour we could upscale and downscale vehicles in the face of particular threats. Obviously there would be an upper limit, but it would mean that the balance between speed and protection could be shaded depending on the environment. A system like that would always have weaknesses in some circumstances, but starting with the basics - we need extreme power/torque and a means to hang protection - and we might have a quick adaptable solution for the long term.
  13. in 2003 air con snatches would have had a role they don't now
  14. Is probably the correct answer.