Snatch Land Rovers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kingofthecastle, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. I've just started a politics blog and I am very critical of the governments underfunding of the UK armed forces (I will be supporting you lads and lasses over the next year or two) and one particular issue I want to follow are the Snatch Landrovers and the avoidable deaths in these vehicles. I am also critical about the way the government are not telling the truth about how long you will have to be in Afghanistan. One report from RAND reckons it could be until around 2016 at the earliest.
  2. I'm intrigued. Why the timeline? Please elaborate what you mean here.
  3. Ever served in the military? Ever been in a snatch? Jumping on the 'snatch is a killer' bandwagon a bit?
  4. Shouldn't believe everything you read...
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Since when was a snatch considered a suitable protective shell for a shaped/directed concealed roadside IED? Er, never. They are bollox for use in the Afghan theatre. What happened to the bulldog/Warrior bandwagon being jumped on after all the MOD mandarins realised loads of our kit is not operationally fit for purpose. And that the kit that does work is u/s, on back order or somewhere else.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Apart from the outrage bus ;)


  7. And will be followed with a new tranche of Mastiff, maybe the original poster would like to look into the recent contracts done by the MoD as he's about 6 months late.
  8. Snatch was designed as a patrol vehicle for riot control in the streets of NI. It's armour is ballistically capable of stopping 9mm rounds, possibly 7.62 (but I wouldn't sit in one whilst someone blatted a mag from an AK to test it!!!)

    It's inadequate to say the least to counter the threat in Afghanistan/Iraq
  9. Bit of a pants blog there fella - quoting The Pet Shop Boys isn't exactly wading into the deep end of political discourse is it? Stick to your politics and don't try to use the troops to grind your axe.
  10. Not disagreeing with that, but as a matter of interest I have seen a Snatch scarcely dented by 7.62 - single round and from some range - nevertheless provided a degree of protection which a soft skin would not have.
  11. Aye, but Terry Taliban normally empties every mag he's got and from close range. Also RPG's etc etc. It's not suitable.
  12. Exactly, its not ideal but would you rather make road moves in a GS Land Rover. The Snatch has saved lives. Some of the FP guys on Telic 7 had the entire front blown off their Snatch, in a 110 they would all be dead.

    It's not great but its the best we have right now. Wishing new vehicles in to exsistance can't change that, and defence procument is an achingly slow porcess. This needs to change, it could be quicker and cheaper if the Army could get more control of its own budget, and be allowed to buy off the shelf rather than having to go through a very long proccess.
  13. My personal gripe is the lack of helos which forces the use of 'vulnerable' ground vehicles. (but then I'm a civvie so may be talking bollox!)
  14. Trouble is, if we do was the Soviets did and move around my chopper only, then we are 100% screwed.