Snatch in Ashford

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LoneTree, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi lads , Sorry this aint a thread about the sticky delights found in the Man of Kent or The Swan or Dustys but,,,, Whoever that was driving a sandy coloured Snatch around Ashford ring road today at about 14.00H obviously lost & lookin for the pebbly shores of that range in the arrse end of beyond, your timing could,nt of been better. The looks you got from the hordes pouring out of the Ashford Mosque was a sight to behold. I did,nt know wether to laugh or cry . Soz just thought I,d mention it.

  2. PMSL Would have paid to have been sat on my deckchair, beer and Bacon buttie in hand to watch that !!!
  3. Ah, that kind of Snatch in Ashford!
  4. Bugger,
    Theres me thinking it would turn out to be another juicy thread.. :roll:
  5. Juicy Snatch in Ashford ?????? You must be kidding mate. Mind you we are quite up market now ........ We do have a Wetherspoons & Ashford grill kebab offers a delivery service. :D

  6. :lol:
    Welcome to the 21st Century.. :wink:

  7. DWTD you are a dirty dirty man
  8. "Tales from the Stanhope Estate" another gripping memoir :!:
  9. One of mine............I shall congratulate driver personally.

    Wait till I get a Mastiff that we can drive on these shores!