Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by chrisg46, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    After my laptop has been behaving weirdly recently, I decide to do a full scan on it. I found that it appears to be riddled with spyware and was wondering if anyone knows of any free decent spyware removal tools?
    The best one I have found so far it is something called spyware Hunter 4, andwants to charge $50 twice a year to clear it!!

    No idea how the bastard thing got on my computer in the first place :( keeps adding extensions or changing home page or search engines!!

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  2. Are you using Firefox, I found that it infected that browser easily.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  4. I'll bet someone suggests not to download porn from dodgy sites.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

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  6. For the spyware don't use any of the ones that give a free scan, find thousands of infections then ask for payment to cleanup

    Use malwarebytes anti spyware
    Other handy ones are 'spybot search and destroy' and 'adaware'

    If you have lots of infections then the chances are you will find the anti spyware sites blocked from downloading, if you have access to another uninflected machine then download the software & the latest manual update signature files and install to your machine
    If you dont have access to other machines then have a go at filehippo etc
    You may only get the software but updates get blocked, if that's the case then have multiple scans & clearing attempts

    To give the software a chance of cleaning up run it in safe mode, and if things persist have a go at using 'process explorer' and stopping or pausing suspicious processes
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    you can do most things for free now -

    malwarebytes is free and does the removing. spybot will do some stuff and free, microsoft security essentials thingy works pretty well too and also free but don't use if your windows copy is cracked or hooky.

    if your settings are changing then you've stuck some software in which is supposed to be helpfull but is anything but. browserhelper sounds great as its meant to stop your settings being hijacked but sends you to delta search all the time.

    google chrome extensions as plenty of stuff. adblock, adblock plus, flash blocker, traffic light and ghostery as small and helpfull.

    one thing for windows is a better hosts file which blocks access from certain sites and is used by all browsers in windows. the stock windows one is shit but hostsxpert will improve it somewhat as does the immunise function in spybot. safari uses css files to remove adverts on websites.

    another 2 usefull free tools are ccleaner and revo uninstaller which work better than the windows tools and will scrub down to registry level when taking out a pesky program.

    if you are having trouble removing viruses or malware then boot in safe mode and run again.

    also a second browser is handy to have - try the comodo dragon version of chromium as you can import all your bookmarks and its written to prevent it being messed about with and has a sandbox version which means nothing gets through to your main settings. their free antivirus and internet security is pretty good as well.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if you want to though try realdownloader - works in chrome and ie, a small download box pops up on stuff you can save off youtube, redtube, xhamster etc..

    again a second browser helps for that sort of thing.

    and if you want to record your favourite girl off myfreecams then use camstudio and the codec for it - so I am informed :)

  9. Here are some links on how to get rid of Snapdo toolbar and it's associate feed.helperbar you may have to get rid of it directly from your registry to totally get rid of it has an habit of returning hope it's helpful Hijacker - Virus Removal Guide

    Manually Remove Virus, Completely Uninstall Toolbar - YooSecurity Removal Guides

    ( just use guide please don't do the livechat)

    Feed.helperbar virus. HowTo remove hijack - TechVTS
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I'd second all the recommendations to date, and Super-Anti Spyware to the list.

    Haven't needed any of these tools for a while, but it found and zapped spyware that defeated other programmes when I last used it a year or two back, on my #1 son's lappie.

    I also think it is worth having BillP studios WinPatrol (free version) running permanently in the background. It uses minimal resources, cost nowt, and warns you whenever a new (unexpected?) process tries to start up, so you can kill/delete it.

    It's on all the computers in chez Stonker, and is a good backstop to whatever AV programme you have working.
  11. Dafuq is wrong with you people? You can never have enough toolbars...

  12. Hi, if your running any OS below windows 7, i recommend if you get a virus, that you turn off system restore temporarily until you remove virus.

    The virus will automatically replicate itself in this and therefore system restore will just be ten minutes of waiting for mr virus' twin brother to say hello.

    Once you have located the virus, i recommend using the above mentioned etc... run an online virus scan with trend micro. Dont be alarmed when it asks you to download a small file.. this is an activeX file to let it scan your pc (which cant be done on standard port 80). This is all free...including removal.

    Once virus/spyware/malware is gone... turn on system restore again..
    Set up a restore point now. Delete the others..

    P.S. DONT RUN MORE THAN ONE SCANNER/ANTI-VIRUS/FIREWALL it just f**ks your system up and they work against each other....