Snakes w/t1ts at it again...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. The devils! trying to sneak this past just days before Christmas when the guard is down and the eggnog has been truly spiked..

    Monday, Dec. 21 is - International Orgasm Day..

    FFS! Can't they just leave this alone?.. Here we are trying to accept the myth that God re-invented himself in a baby and they're pushing this other myth on us under the radar...

    devils, devils, I say..!!
  2. You obviously have problems in the bedroom as the vast swathes of women I have pleasured have all had screaming orgasms. When you're with me, every day is International Orgasm Day.
  3. Nope thats laughter not screaming, now when their with me you hear screaming, well not really, the black tape stops them.
  4. Bin there dun that.
  5. Don't know what it is with women - I never have a problem
  6. Typical women! They want the orgasm but we have to provide it for them. :D
  7. oh, you sad, deluded fool, Markintime..

    they don't need you..that's what dildos and lesbians are're just there to loan your Visa/Mastercard/Paycheque to get them 'warmed up' ahead of time...
  8. Funny that....god must have been a woman. 8)
  9. Yep....god was deffo a woman. :D

    Will someone educate me about posting markintime's and rocketeer's comments in one post, haven't a clue how to do it. :oops:
  10. I'm not saying that I dont gut them and take their pancreas' afterwards though.
  11. Ahhh where have you been Jarrod I've missed you. My posts were starting to look lonely without your contribution.
  12. Is this handbags??
  13. Dolly86,who I still think is a truck driver from Wolverhampton,wrote about this the other day.
  14. Nah the handbag plus credit card is going shopping.