Snakes on A Plane

A new film about snakes on a plane. It will be glorious.
All it needs is naked lesbian killer robots as well and its a shoeing for the Oscars
These movie proposals were apparently found in New Line Cinema's files

Snakes on a Boat
Snakes on a Train
Snakes on a Plane 2
More Snakes on a Plane
Snakes in Space

You can just see them at airport security:

'Any sharp objects in your bag?'

'No, no, just some venomous snakes'

'Okay, take your keys and any small change out of your pockets, and go through the metal detector'

Mmmm...a touch unlikely perhaps.
They were enroute to Taipan. The pilot was a mamba champion. Somebody had a krait of beer. He worked it out with his adder. And switched on the vipers.

Sounds like a pain in the asp and I bet the plane was a Boa-ing.

Of course a Boa isn't venomous but I don't suppose they'd let fact get in the way of a good story (?).
This is an early shot-for-shot storyboard from the film's conceptual team before it was scrapped and rewritten. Note the lack of Samuel L. Jackson


However the film is already under fire, for its "blatantly discriminitory portrayal of snakes on a plane" and "extremely anti-snake remarks" spoken by Samuel L. Jackson.

They objects to the portrayal of snakes as violent and disruptive while on a plane, and points out that humans can be equally as violent while on board a plane, they cite it as a main cause of Snakeaphobia, and point out that snakes provide valuable contritubition to society thrpugh the use of anitdotes etc.

Many moderate snakes see the flim as stereotyping snakes as dangerous and a burden to all plane using folk.
Pvt.Joker said:
Many moderate snakes see the flim as stereotyping snakes as dangerous and a burden to all plane using folk.
That's as may be but....well, you couldn't let your daughter marry one could you? I know I couldn't; I don't have a daughter.

Anyway, as regards 'Snakes on Planes', I only know that, when I check in, I say to the girl on the desk "Look love, I don't mind if it's an aisle seat, window seat or bog seat. I just don't want to be sat next to a snake." They're different from us..different habits and such never know, do you?

I saw this earlier this evening, a good laugh!

Not for the squeamish mind you. If you've a phobia of snakes you'll probably arrest before the end. Some of the scenes are proper nasty, it should have been rated 18 instead of 15.

Samuel L. Jackson was decidedly clunky and it got a bit ridiculous towards the end but all was not lost with some boobies and decent birds on display.

Best scene was the bronzed big-titted blonde having a crazed snake clamp on to her nipple while in flagrante delicto, which I found horrifying yet strangely arousing...
I might go and see it this weekend! It looks like good fun. Snakes on a Plane, the name itself just says it all.
Am normally something of a fan of the films that Samuel "Bad Muthaf*cka" Jackson gets involved with.. but this one I plan to avoid.

I know it cant be taken seriously and is meant to be a over-hyped, badly acted, poorly written special effects and stunts fest.... but even still, there are limits.
Actually, an official document has listed the following titles

-Snakes on a Boat
-Snakes on a Train
-Snakes on a Plane 2
-More Snakes on a Plane


-Snakes on the moon

I'm entirely serious btw
Yor man Sam plays a failed marathon runner turned reporter who has to fly as a CNN’s man on the track on a plane to the other side of the world for the next, next Olympics with all the good runners in the world. I think?
Saw this last night! Fantastic fun. Utterly silly but doesn't take itself seriously. They obviously knew that they were making a B movie and decided to enjoy it.

While the large breasted blonde getting it on the nipp was strangely arousing, the chap having a slash and getting his dick bitten off was just upsetting!
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