Snake eats cat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BiscuitsAB, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Now me I'm a Dog person. I have no major bug bear with cats its their bloody owners that get on my tits. Letting their fluffykins out at night where fluffykins becomes a psycho sabre toothed suburban killing machine.

    And they dig up your garden and shit every where.

    So when I saw this I had to chuckle.

    Snake eats cat

    I say shouldn't let your cat roam as it wants matey. The stupid whining sod has set up a web site and a No10 petition. They also provide an e-mail address.

    so you can offer your support :twisted:
  2. An eye for an eye - a cat for a snake.
  3. The point they are trying to make is that anybody can go and buy a snake such as a python with out any prior knowledge of looking after such things.

    It was a cat but could have been a child or preferably a dog which I cannot abide. There needs to be some control over who can have such things and the cat owners are therefore right to make the point to the Govenment.
  4. Feline sees 13 ft wiggly thing and thinks I'll wait about a bit and let it crush me to death. Hmm... (*thinks*) someone may not be telling the whole truth. :)

    Open space... cat vs snake... cat doesn't go away and find somewhere else to play chess?
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    No they're fucking not. It wasn't a Child or a Dog both of which you are suppossed to control by law it was a chuffing feline shit machine.

    I have told the guy two doors down if I catch his cat in my garden again I'm going to trap it and release it in Brecon. Like I said its not the cats its the nobs that own them thinking they have every right to let the dammed things loose to roam and take no responsibility for their pets.

    And if you think trap and release if a bit harsh, well my my mate Frank next door to the guy allegedly shot two moggies with an air rifle fitted with a home made supressor (handy blokes to know these ex armourers)
  6. It's just thinning the herd. The parents' genes can no longer contaminate humanity and in the future there'll one less adult to sue McDonalds for giving them a cup of coffee that was too hot.

  7. Liking cats is a matter of opinion. I personally prefer them to kids.
    Cats, as with all animals have instincts and go about their business without too much interaction with other people. Obviously as you have said they shit in your garden. Who cares. At least the plants like it.

    Kids however, are more of a pain. I dont like hearing of any animal in pain or otherwise, but i do always find it particularly amusing when i read of some snotty little oik that has managed to get smeared by a train, or has been squashed by a wall. Especially a pikey.

    You are missing the point with the cat thing though.

    Although the cat being killed by a MASSIVE snake is sad enough for some of us, the point is that such a dangerous animal (and i know this isn't a unique example in a residential house) is being kept in a dangerous and negligent manner.

    Big snakes are extremely dexterous, and would have absolutely no problem in getting over most garden fences, or even under them. If your child was merrily playing next door, and a hungry and underfed snake went into the garden looking for a happy meal- would you still be making your stupid statements? I think not.
  8. Could not agree more Gut Buster.

    Biscuits AB what fcuking law is this then because I just may well stick this across the desk at my local nick the next time the fcuking kid two doors down gobs off at me and his equally stupid parents allow their mangy dog to crap on my front lawn....which incidently is taking no reposnsibility for their pet!!!

    The point we are making is not really about Cats V Dogs its that some retard has a fcuking 10 foot Burmese Python capapble of crushing you and I to death roaming around in its garden to do as it fcuking pleases. I am bloody sure I would not want that next door to me...its worse than being Polish with the Germans on your doorstep!!
  9. And here was me thinking that was a youtube link or something. Then again, I do have a rather sick mind. With you on this AB - Everytime my daughter goes out to play on my lawn, at least one of the irresponsible neighbour's cats has laid something awful on there buried in the grass - and feck me it reeks! This all boils down to people not looking after their pets properly - snake / cat / dog... Then again, judging by some of the folk around this part of town, it seems they cannot look after themselves either - at least that's what their overflowing bins full of skol super and tennants super tells me anyway :)
  10. tbh;

    it's his back garden. let the poor sod have a snake in it if he wants. and, if some poor b*astard's cat wanders in and dies, then moar lulz for us. Seriously? don't want your cat dead? keep it indoors.
  11. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where can I get a python? There are folk around here who 'rescue' cats, the fcukers are everywhere - cats that is not the twats that feed them. I promise to be a responsible owner, I will put it on a line thus restricting it's wanderings to the confine of my back garden. Oh, one more thing; anyone know if python shit smells worse than cat crap?

    Following through on that. (no pun intended) Does python poo smell bad AFTER digesting a meal of moggie?
  12. Getting eaten, crushed, had by a python is nature's way of saying 'should have gone to SpecSavers.'

    The history of the demise of people and animals is littered with messages such as this.

    Should have ducked; should have learned to run faster; shouldn't have climbed into the cage; should have hidden better; shouldn't have started a war on two fronts etc.

    Edited to add: If anyone knows of a more entertaining thing than watching a very upset and frightened cat meeting its maker, I've yet to hear of it.
  13. I don't know, eat one cat/kid :roll: