Snake botherer Austin Stevens....Bit of a w anker?

Anyone been watching this series? It's on the box now and he seems to have a "near death" experience, complete with dubiously shaky camera footage each episode!

....Oh for fecks sake, and now he's summoning his private helicoptor (The one he fell out of earlier into a "raging torrent", thus nearly drowning) by standing manfully on a ridge and waving a flare ....Anyone else get the feeling he is a throbber?

but at least he gets bitten here
The bloke has definately had one too many bites, he's off his rocker. I can't let my kids watch his shows cos where we are at present they are likely to walk in the attap with a fer de lance after watching that prat. Next time he might not be so lucky. wonder if they'll make a show about his funeral.
lol... was watching the wanker after diamond back rattlers the other week and he's in this cave banging on about how worried he is to be in there alone.... by the way the camera man is in front of him looking back at him filming at the time....

total tw@!!!
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