snake bites

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Domovoy, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. I just found out that vipers live in an area where we are planning to move to.
    How do you keep yourself safe from snakes, are there any anti-snake devices? What do you do in case of a snake bite?
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  4. British vipers? Rarely any size at all, more die from bee and wasp stings in the mouth causing breathing obstruction. Bits of the South West of Scotland are rotten with them. I've come very close to stepping on one, saw a guy step on one and get nipped in the Scouts when I was a kid. Saw one that had been run over and it was a good three and half feet, maybe more, which is huge.

    Local dogs were killed in an area where me and my pals played for years and never saw one.

    Basically, anywhere providing loads of intricate cover is "snakey", but British adders love to bask because the weather generally is pretty crap, but they can't get too hot either, so look at it from the snakes point of view - when the place starts to cool at the end of the day, or heat at the start, which bits stay warmest or get warmest - dark paths and stones at the end or the start of the day to heat up and moderate cover once warm enough. Don't put your hand into anything you can't see. European snakes are non-aggressive. It's your dog you need to worry about, and little kids.
  5. 1. We already bought a house.
    2. Tried. It came up with Army Humor and not much more.
    3. You, people, go to all sorts of places, surely you know of something that can be done before you reach A&E, apart from the usual: keep a bite below a heart level, apply pressure around the wound...
  6. My best advice is to look out for the vipers with tits.

    Aye thank yew :lol:
  7. The Americans had about eight people killed by snakebite during the entire Pacific campaigns in WW2, and those were a) nasty b***** snakes, and b) hundreds of thousands of people diving into deep cover all day.

    Snakes want to eat, and that means a rat, that's all. The reason that snakes are non-aggressive is because the aggressive ones got smacked to bits and didn't pass on their genes. There was a kid in the South of England who managed to get himself bitten by doing a Steve Irwin and picking the snake up - he was about 11, this was not a dry bite (most are) and all he had to show for it was a night in hospital and a big forearm!

    The worst thing you can do is worry, because if the worst happens you will communicate that to the victim, and the hullaballoo might put them into shock, which could cause them more problems than the bite.

    Seriously, watch your hounds, apart from that don't worry. Bottles to apply over a bite and possibly pump out the fluid surrounding it can be purchased, but really Africa and some parts of the US are where to worry - type "rattlesnake round up" into google if you want something to worry about. :)
  8. It's Balkan viper (Vipera ammodytes). Apparently unpredictable and very venomous...
  9. That sounds like me. I can keep presence of mind where strangers are concerned, but when my family members are in trouble I can easily go into a panic mode... Not good.

    Thanks for your reassurance.
  10. Thanks
  11. Yea, thanks for making me want to get pi55ed up on 80s alcopop and shag an ex munter I haven't seen for 24 years!
  12. I don't know but I just got stung by a fcuking wasp and it's bloody throbbing (my thumb not the wasp).
  13. Kill the wasp. It helps psychologically wise. :)
  14. i moved to ireland no snakes st patrick got rid of them! suggest you get a similar saint type person to go whereever you are moving its the only way to be absolutely sure to be sure.