A couple were having a dinner party for some of the most important people in Paris.

The wife was very excited and wanted everything perfect. At the last minute, she realised she didn't have any escar'got for the dinner, so she asked her husband to go to the local park with a bucket and gather some snails. Very grudgingly he agreed.

He was collecting snails, when he noticed a beautiful woman walking along a path. He thought to himself, "Wouldn't it be great if she would come over and talk to me."

He looked up again and there she was. They got talking and she invited him back to her place.

At her apartment, they ended up in bed. He was so exhausted afterwards, he fell asleep. At seven o'clock the next morning he woke up and exclaimed, "Oh merde! My wife's dinner party!"

He gathered all his clothes, dressed quickly, grabbed his bucket of snails and dashed out the door.

He ran all the way to his apartment and up the stairs. He was in such a panic he tripped on the last step and dropped the bucket of snails.

There were snails all down the stairs. The door opened and he was confronted with his very angry wife, "Where have you been all this time? The dinner was a disaster!!"

He looked at the snails on the steps, looked at his wife, then back at the snails and said, "Come on guys, we're almost there!"

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