Smuggling Guns from Iraq

Im not sure if this has been coverd on here, I thought this happened ages ago.

British Soldier Guilty of Smuggling Guns from Iraq to Sell in Germany
BBC News
26 October 2007
A British soldier has been found guilty of plotting to smuggle guns out of Iraq and sell them at his base in Germany. A court martial heard how L/Cpl Anthony Creswick was involved in selling illegal pistols bought on the black market in Basra. The panel heard how Creswick sold the guns with his colleague from the 3rd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment, L/Cpl Michael White. White has admitted his role in the operation...

Did he just go to market and ask for a crate of Tokarev's to be sent to BFG BFPO, what was he going to do sell them down the Naafi?

But anyway bit shocking our own troops funding terrorists.

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Not sure if it's been done or not GasRam .... but it just goes to show that there are still prats ... even in uniform. What a wnaker!!
... and they cleared a Sgt for possession of three handgrenades ?

Can remember a story in The Stun after gulf one, Chief petty officer in navy claimed he was thrown out of navy for bringing back an AK47 as a souvenior - he'd lost his job and his pension, scandalous!

the navy replied the next day by informing the stun CPO was flung out for smuggling 3 AK47s and a crate of 1000 rounds!

People never learn
Squaddies smuggling guns or flogging issued weapons is not a new sin.
Most who steal from the armoury get caught quickly but plenty of smugglers remain undetected - or used to. There were always a few nutters in every battalion in Germany bringing odds and ends of small arms back to the UK.
There were plenty of cheap weapons available in Berlin after the wall went down if you knew the wrong Germans.

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