Smuggling grenades into the UK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Just listened to ex-soldier 'Tony' (Not his real name) on Radio 2 discussing how weapons and the such have been smuggled back to UK from squaddies returning from tour. He described in detail how the inside of vehicles can be taken apart and things smuggled back and how the RMP only search a small percentage of them. Fuck me Tony ease up! ... you're gonna ruin me fag smuggling business.

    Note: That's cigarette type fags and not homosexuals ... there's no business in smuggling gays ... at least I don't think so.
  2. nowt new there , we used to smuggle allsorts back from BAOR etc in an assortment of vehicles,it's been going on so long that I'm pretty sure that most military and even the customs folk are aware of it. They might be a bit keener with the searches if too much live shit is being brought in for personal use.know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink
  3. Back in 2005 Cp. Victory the bn had their bags/footlockers lined up for MP inspection before going into the Connexs for Texas. MP scheduled to arrive 0700. MP's arrive 1000 check a dozen bags and tell us to pack it all in. Cue Bn Scout Platoon reaching under DCU shirts and a Lot of clunks heard as Tokarevs, Kalashnikovs and odd PPsh dropped into footlockers and packed away. 4 months later Bn Scout plt tasked with going to Texas to unload connexs and repack for the companies. Like Watching the Mafia in action.
  4. There was a rumour that when 9 (Para) Sqn, RE left Aldershot the accommoadtion block was torn down and all sorts of stuff was found in the roof and false ceilings.
  5. I belive a certain unit used jerry cans cut in half and expertly put back together by a bloody good REME metal smith and welder at one time.The only draw back was the size of the can in reference to barrels over come by putting barrels in tent poles.
  6. The back of EOD ECM vehicles are Secret UK Eyes A, so the monkeys were always fucked off at the high port during Op Plunder.

    I don't need to smuggle ammo though, I'm an ammo tech FFS, there's all sorts I can do with a bit of paperwork and accounting. So a good thing I despise the inappropriate use of ammunition and explosives.
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  7. Which wouldn't mean they couldn't search it; all monkeys have access to secret and as long as kit turned off they would be allowed to search vehicle. No different to 14 Sigs kit.
  8. Going back a good few years but something I heard from my Granddad was that blokes used to smuggle silk from the FE by rolling it up and stuffing it down their rifle barrels.

    Always thought that was a good one.
  9. A guy at my unit came back from the First Gulf War, and the RAF Police found a jar of sand in his kit. When they poured out the sand, they found a live round. "How did THAT get there?"

    He did not pass Go. He did not collect £200. He went directly to jail. For 28 days.
  10. A chopper pilot I know who was a crew member of Humphrey during the Falklands talks of being on Hermes (I think) heading back to Portsmouth and on land being sighted, a message when out that before anyone got off the ship, they, there kit and the ship would be searched for "contrabund".

    Within minutes the sound of Argie rifles, helmets, grenades and so on could be heard splshing into the sea all around the ship.

    He himself had to hoof a Mk4 Sterling. Rumours had it that someone had ditched a 60mm mortar!
  11. Whilst courting Mrbee, I entered the beat up old rover of a dear friend of Mrbee who was stationed up in Scotland and wore a green hat.

    I sat in the back of a car and said hello to which his reply was "hi nice to meet you, by the way there's a dummy grenade on the floor somewhere, if you find it pass it to me"

    I think Mrbee realised the shock on my face and he just shrugged and sat in the front passengers seat. I sat the entire journey paranoid an throwing dirty looks at Mrbee for not swapping seats with me.
  12. 'don't cry for me sgt maj' wasn't it?
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  13. If these (many and very old) tales of dumping stuff over the side are to be belived I would think a bit of a scuba dive around any of the channels by Portsmouth would make a huge haul of stuff :)
  14. Good mucker of mines dad smuggled a AK and some BFO knives back from gulf. It was in his attic for years.

    Fuck knows what he done with it when he moved house?
  15. Divers pulled a FAL out of the water in Grytviken in 86 when they were working on refloating one of the whalers down there. Was in a bit of a state after only 4 years, so 30 years on I doubt anything at the bottom of the channel will be anything but rusting crap tbh.