smuggeling booze into concerts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bawheed, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Any one got any great ideas on how to smuggle booze into a concert to save buying expensive stuff whilst in the concert. my current method is going to be camelbak filled with spirit 70cl and the tape to back and then put a coat on so i t is concealed any further ideas or stories
  2. Fcuk that: tell us how to smugel - sounds fun! :D
  3. thats for another day prox for now we will stick to smuggeling
  4. I've had great success with a slimline camelbak, worn under a shirt. Fill that sucker up with redbull and vodka and you'll have young women trying to suck on your nipple all night long. (Wear it around you waist to see how low they'll go).
  5. Get your missus to wear a Wine Rack.
    Beer really does make the opposite sex look more attractive.
  6. like the camelbak idea, havent thought of that one before! usually just get nicely tanked up before going in, by the time the band comes on you've got a nice level of 'drunk' going on!
  7. problem is that i get there at 1200 and headline starts at 2200 and well you need to top up lol will get tanked on bus up there but its the gettting past the guards any one been frisked b4 and caught
  8. guys always get frisked more than gals. if you've any females going with you, get one of them to smuggle it in. if its for a festival then wear wellies or boots and stick a half bottle down them. been caught before and had to drink it there and then or bin it :x
  9. Lol too right, i dont think it matters how much you tank up before you go in you're going to be fairly sober by 2200! have been searched before but it usually depends on the venue, where abouts is it? With all the places ive been ive found the bouncers at the astoria the worst!
  10. Inverness/ rockness might give it to the bird
  11. give it to her. go to t in the park every year and they only pat girls round the waist and the back, check in bags and thats about it. wellies is a great place to stash a half bottle!
  12. rockness looks pretty good, havent been there myself tho, was planning on going to the isle of white but was a bit late in getting tickets, would either go for the camelbak or just get the bird to hold it (that one usually works!)
  13. might get her to flash her tits a to get diversion going .first time there aswel . ive always wanted to go to isle of white always sunny and always good acts for the past few years
  14. we still get asked to bin it - or drink it!
  15. bouncers must be gay