Smug gits.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. I was expecting to see a polish family - makes a change to see home grown scum.
  2. Well to be honest living in Sevenoaks they probably need that much just to get by. But how come their benefits went from £7kpa to £23kpa just for having twins. She should also be made to have a hysterectomy to stop her breeding as well.
  3. unbelievable.
  4. You couldn't make that up. Priceless.
  5. Wonder how long to 200k will last, under a year?

    Then back on the scrounge down the DSS.
  6. I`ve just finished a three week trip offshore and whilst I was well paid for it, I was absolutely hammered with tax...well into four figures was taken off. Nice to know to that it is going to such worthy causes. This is happening all over the country and is a national disgrace!! I`d love the time at home to shag as much as he is!!!! Some of the roughnecks on board were looking quite tasty towards the end!!
  7. Possibly because she will have stopped working? I know it's unlikely she had a job before she dropped the sprogs...
  8. Read more:

    Then I have no desire to keep him and his family. He appears to have nought wrong with his groin when it comes to sh4gging.

    He should be on the cones hotline, earning minimum wage for his family, and Child benefit for TWO kids only.
  9. Shouldn`t their benefits stop once that compo is paid?? Let`s hope that the Benefit Fraud office is fully aware of this situation.
  10. Shouldn't they also be declaring the extra income from Mummy? Benefits fraudline anyone?
  11. Yes it will stop till there down to 15-16K IIRC.
  12. Never mind these wasters, what about the pictures of Rosie from Corrie?
  13. Who?? What??
  14. next to the picture of the wasters.