Smug fans - I sh*t em

Who`s the furthest up their own arrse?

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During the world cup I couldn't help noticing that, no matter what the score or the performance from England, Liverpool fans all around me came out with drivel like "Gerrard and Carragher were easily the best players on the field", or "Gerrard's the man for the captain's job". Likewise at club level, no matter how poorly they happen to play on the day, all I hear about is how they can't be that bad, as they won the Champions league last season, and have such a long and illustrious history. I can understand fans showing a bit of loyalty to players from the club they support, but do they have to be so f*cking smug? I'd like to declare Liverpool's fans as the smuggest on the planet. Have your say in the poll above. (Name other teams if you like, I could only put a couple on the poll. A valid reason to accompany your selection would be nice though.)
drain_sniffer said:
No, you are spot on. Liverpool fans think that because they have a fine history that they have the divine right to go on and on and on and on........
I think that they just go on like that after they have demolished Chelsea 2-0 in the Community Shield. I could be wrong though.....
Liverpool fans smug :? :?
Oh you better f*cking believe it :D :D :D

All together now:

F*ck Off Chelski FC,
you ain’t got no HISTORY
5 European Cups, 18 Leagues
That’s what we call History

Smuggest fans, I vote Liverpool :wink:

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