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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SCoy, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this, but since it's mostly kit-related I'll try here first.

    Doing my SMP in April in Pembrokeshire, and I want to buy some decent walking boots, and possibly a bergan as well. Has anyone done the SMP, or has any ideas about Pembrokeshire routes and can give advice about what to go for (Eg, do I need a 90l bergan or can I get away with a 65 + 10)

    Failing that, cheap bergans or walking boots anyone? I've got plenty of time before the course to break em in, so I'm looking to buy new probably :D

  2. Boots:

    If your feet are slim I'd say always go for a Scarpa lightweight mountain boot (except for the GX range, flex point in the sole is in the wrong place), if not go for Raichle. GO TO THE EFFORT AND EXPENSE of getting decent insoles for decent boots, for both your comfort and injury prevention.

    Bergan/ Rucksack/ Pack:

    You won't need a 90l bergan for SMP/ MLT, go for 60-70l one (I did MLT with a 55l pack) Try to avoid side pouches to prevent swinging and improve stability on your back. If you are going to fork out for a civvy bergan despite the (rightly deserved) reputation avoid Berghaus, the quality nowadays on their standard range products isn't what it used to be. Personally I am a lover of Osprey packs although they can be dear, plus their custom hipbelts are the most comfortable. Lowe Alpine packs are very good too and incredibly robust, they also started using a "true air" back system that was incredibly effective, not sure if it covers Lowe's larger packs though. Make sure the compression straps are clip-less and that you try it on in the shop with it fully weighted, not just the bubble wrap display stuff.

    If you don't already use a stove that fits to the canister/ bottle via a hose GET ONE. I'd recommend the Primus Gravity GAS/ MF stove.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Ah, right cheers mate.

    I've done a couple of weeks over the Pennines, walking with 35kg packs and completing 90miles in 7 days, but I wanted to do the course and get the qualification.

    I'm 6' 2", c.12st and a size 11 L , if that helps any suggestions.

    Keep them coming in please :D
  4. Summer Mountain Proficiency - its the precursot to MLT, or Mountain Leader Training.

    Thanks for the link :D
  5. In my experience (abet limited compared to some) it is vital to get equipment that fits the user, i.e. no one pair of boots are going to be great for everyone. So get down to a descent camping store (Cotswold Camping has just opened an outlet near Cardiff) and try on loads of different boots and bags. Most camping stores have weighted bags that can used to simulate different weights. This applied equally where the anthropometrics (ergonomics of the body) are important.

    edit to add: Coteswold offer a 10% forces discount (and No I'm not a rep for them)
  6. Righto, will do. Most people seem to be saying the same thing so I guess that's the correct thing to do. :D Cheers all
  7. Cotswold have an excellent boot fitting service too, they may try to sell you Superfeet insoles which can be dear but are well worth it!
  8. I use salomon adventure trek 7 boots, they are not the cheapest boots ~£90 now but i like them, they are also pritty heavy, but so am i :).

    They also take crampons (don't know if you need them).
    They have a nice sole, hard but not to hard.
    They do have a superb 'lockoff' system for the lower lace allowing you to have a slack boot neck.
    I always maintain you get what you pay for with boots.
    I would give them 9 out of 10 for my use.
    They are also very good in snow.

    You also need to decide if you are going for leather or material boots.

    As for a pack i like the ones thay support the bag away from you're back for cooling with a waist and chest strip (i know 'no sh*t' but you would be amazed how many people don't look fo a waist belt), appart from that as long as it carrys the weight i'm not that fussy. If moneys no object i and most people i know who have one would recommend a Kifaru pack.
  9. SCoy if you bothered to ask in your unit as opposed to on arrse, You would find that your bergen will be supplied by the the DS as will your sleeping bag stove and pretty much everything else, They will also provide you with maps and routes for your first days venture, (an orienteering course) a guide for your second and third (one of the guys doing MLT) and you will genreally mince around doing not very much.
  10. Chill out jeez, he's only asking for advice and recommendations. He may very well get issued kit from his OTC/ SMP DS but if he wants to buy his own credit to him, it will probably be of better quality and it will be his own. It will show he takes his mountaineering seriously (hopefully SCoy isn't just a ticket collector/ course guru) if he arrives with broken in kit rather than needing to be issued stuff.

    SCoy if your ambition is to go for ML/ other outdoor instructor qualifications (which I gather it is due to you mentioning MLT earlier) either civvy or military then the best time to start your personal kit colection is now and to build it up gradually.
  11. Pillager, mate, I don't know what your OTC is like, but over here we don 't get told what we need for the weekend until Thursday, for example. I'm not blaming anyone, its just the way it is. Besides, I wanted to get this kit anyway, and this at least gives me a chance to shop around. Many thanks however for the heads up, and maybe I ought to poke the higher echelons a bit harder before using my own initiative. :D
  12. For me
    KSB's on feet
    Vango Sherpa bergan on back- BUT I've had/ used these for over 8 years so I doubt my
    particular versions are still available.
  13. Scoy Pillager is in your OTC.
    Trust me forSMP the only thing worth spending money on is a pair of boots, as happy feet make happy walkers.
  14. I'm doing my SMP in August. But why the discussion on purchase of boots.
    Surely the issue ones would be suitable. Or if they arent suitable, how come
    ? - is civvi kit needed or standard issue boots not up to the job ? I have a
    pair of lowas as well and figured one or the other would do the job.
    Thanks for any comments..