Hey anybody got some good home made smoothie recipes , good for training and not giving you the sh!ts?

basic recipes* and the basis of a smoothies?

my current ones are:

-Apple,pear and banana with milk

-Blue berries,blackberrys and rasberrys and milk

-(edited) 1 tin of peaches with pineapple juice, 1 banana, 1 pear and 1 carrot


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Crushed ice
Full fat double cream
Vanilla ice cream
Fruit of your choice (I prefer banana)

All blended together to create a thick and tasty smoothy that is very refreshing on a hot summers day.
I like strawberry and mint, with or without a drop of elderflower cordial or apple juice.
You could use spirulina(which is high is a good source of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and most importantly, for your training, protein). It tastes somewhat strange by itself and can be a bit erm, lumpy, but you can't tastes it in smoothies.
Well maybe i like to have some strawberries and sunbath lol.... Yeah seems healthy taste nice and beats eating raw eggs


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This isn't the naafi, so no crayoning please.

Peelsome banana and freeze them. Then you use them as the base for the smoothie, adding whatever fruit is nearest to going off in the fruitbowl and a little fruit juice.

Also can be enhanced by the addition of rum.
1 cup orange juice
3 tbsp milk powder
1/2 banana; cut into pieces
10 fresh strawberries; hulled
3 ice cubes


1 Cup yoghurt of your choosing
1 banana or other fruit
1 cup milk
1/2 cup ice cubes

Add 1oz of protein powder to a smoothie or oat bran, almonds etc. for an extra burst of nutrition.
I love smoothies and tend to mix a variety of fruits. I never use ice cream, milk or cream but add water for a healthy option. Avocado is a particular favourite of mine (not so healthy but lush).
Remember to add a scoop or two of whey protein to top-up your protein levels. I recommend Phd Pharma-whey Cookie Dough flavour for anything with bananas in it
There's nothing wrong with sauce in a smoothie :-D.

Just made a smoothie
1 tin of peaches with pineapple juice(didnt have fresh), 1 banana, 1 pear and 1 carrot

thinking of thining it out to last longer with some fresh orange juice


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Frozen blueberries
Frozen raspberries
Frozen strawberries
1 or 2 x kiwi fruit
good squeeze of clear honey
1 x banana
OJ (more OJ than mil depending on personal taste)

Good to go.


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I've had to be made Mod of this forum now...and all it does is make me hungry and thus angry at lack of food.


Pineapple (a whole one, minus rough skin)
A mango - chopped
Punnet of strawberries
Punnet of blueberries
10 or so ice cubes
A glug of fresh orange juice

Whizz it all together until smooth - hence being a smoothy - and live off it for a few days. It makes a LOT
Had to change training routine from mostly CV and legs in the gym (legs too old and buggered) to a more upper body and weights orientated programme. As part of this the 'sepcialist' I spoke too has also suggested that I need to change my diet and introduce a smoothie or similar (time is short) for breakfast as I don't normally indulge.

So could someone please advise a recipe or 2 for a breakfast smoothie that will start my system up with a suitable mix, including protein. I am currently doing fruitswith a probiotic yoghurt but interested in others thoughts. Trying to stay away from supplememnts (whey) etc as I am sure I should be able to get everything I need from just throwing natural foods into the mix. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the raw egg recommendation but the obvious statement I should have included above is that I am allergic to egg!! I am one of the only people who know who did a full 24 year military career who never had a single egg banjo!!
Jarrod - Ord-Sgt - keep the stupid comments to the NAAFI please.

Thread tidied.
Now if someone could also do the same to Current Affairs and Intelligence Cell -- that would be a smoothie worth having.

The trouble with home-made smoothies is that the more exotic the more expensive, especially in the winter. I like them to be healthy with no preservatives but you can't beat some of the supermarket's own brands for price.

Another aspect no one's mentioned is the cleaning of the juicer, especially the whole-fruit ones. Not fun and time-consuming. Having said that I love mine in the morning for breakfast or instead of a naughty dessert.
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