Smoothie Recipes

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Murielson, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Had to change training routine from mostly CV and legs in the gym (legs too old and buggered) to a more upper body and weights orientated programme. As part of this the 'specialist' I spoke to has also suggested that I need to change my diet and introduce a smoothie or similar (time is short) for breakfast as I don't normally indulge.

    So could someone please advise a recipe or 2 for a breakfast smoothie that will start my system up with a suitable mix, including protein. I am currently doing fruits with a probiotic yoghurt but interested in others thoughts. Trying to stay away from supplememnts (whey etc) as I am sure I should be able to get everything I need from just throwing natural foods into the mix. Thanks in advance.
  2. I used to do:
    hand ful of ice
    2x scoop vanilla whey
    400-600ml milk

    works with choc whey too (banana choc or strawberry choc)

    If you don't mind bits, try adding blueberries as they are fantastic. Mango/banana is also nice.
  3. A thing I do is to go to tesco/asda etc and buy a packet of their frozen summer fruits/blueberries etc. Get a carton of pure orange/cranberry/apple.
    Put 400ml or so of juice into blender and add a couple of handfulls of the frozen fruits, then blend them together
  4. potatos,meat of some sort preferably steak, some mushrooms and onion rings, add a few spoonfuls of pepper sauce and hit the on button on yer blender. perfect start to the day well it was in longkesh a few years back
  5. Two mars bars
    one large bag of M&M's
    one small bag of revels (be careful of the coffee ones)
    500g of golden syrup.
    two large cans of redbull
    Blend to a thick milkshake like consistency and drink.
    happy days if your still standing!
  6. Are you here to learn English?